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Leo Hohmann spent more than 28 years as a reporter and editor in the mainstream newspaper industry until he was canceled by that industry. They canceled him after he came out with his book, "Stealth Invasion," which provided a well-documented but critical view of the failed U.S. immigration system.

Since 2017, he has been working independently, speaking and writing articles posted at his website,, which is 100 percent reader supported and not beholden to any corporate ads or sponsorships. His articles are also picked up by many other websites, which he makes available to them at no cost in order to encourage the widest possible readership.

The focus of his reporting is on globalism, technocracy and the drive to establish a one-world beast system as prophesied in the Bible.

Go to and check it out. If you value his brand of fearless, informative, independent journalism, please consider making a donation to allow him to continue working fulltime on getting the truth out to the world.

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