Lee Rides Again

   Join us as we raise funds for a new 21' Robert E. Lee equestrian monument based on the monument removed from Richmond.. Our monument will be put on private property and not subject to political whims. The proposed location will be in Virginia along Interstate 64 between Charlottesville and Richmond. 
   We are currently raising funds for what we are calling "phase 1," which is set at $200,000 for the bronze portion of the monument and the land. We appreciate your consideration and hope that you will join us in getting this memorial completed. 

*12/09/2021 edit: It was brought to our attention that our proposed height of 14' was correct for the Charlottesville Lee monument however the Richmond monument is actually 21'. We have corrected the height and increased our donation goal to reflect the size increase.


Update #1
December 10, 2021
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As of 12/05/2021 across all platforms we've taken in about $8000 in donations. That number is the gross donations not the net after payment processing fees were incurred. 


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