Crows Nest, Queensland, Australia

Levina and Barry’s Story -- Let’s please help them to make this wish come true!!


Levina is struggling to cope with isolation and loneliness in the aged-care facility where she currently resides. Her greatest desire is to be able to live with her son Barry with whom she shares a very special bond. Barry has been looking out for his Mum since she was widowed in 1997 and used to regularly visit until Co-Vid-19 restrictions prevented him. Nowadays Levina has no social interaction and has to eat every meal in her small little room.


Barry’s wish is to be able to take his mum into his modest rural home and brighten this last chapter of her life. In order to cater for Levina’s needs some alterations and improvements to the proposed living space are required. Unfortunately Barry has lost his employment during Co-Vid and does not currently have the means to effectuate the necessary improvements which would include wheel chair access, modification to the bathroom and upgrading of the off-grid solar to provide Levina with a comfortable and safe environment.


Living with Barry will exponentially increase Levina’s well-being and quality of life. With the shortages and limitations in age care facilities today, Levina also has to go without the daily massage of her legs to improve problems caused by lack of circulation and fluid retention. Barry will be able to attend to this and all his Mum’s daily needs both physically and mentally. Levina would be able to thrive in a country environment of fresh air, sunshine and nutritious meals AND be able to enjoy the company and love of her son. Watching the chickens and Guinea fowls roam about the yard would be an added bonus! Your help can make Levina and Barry’s dream a reality and offer them the opportunity to be a family again...

This is time sensitive as government Co-Vid mandates fluctuate and we are needing Levina relocated by early February 2022. 


“This would really mean a lot for me and my Mum.”
“I love her so very much and I want her last days to be happy ones, being surrounded with the love and care of family.”


Any donation, big or small, is very much appreciated. May God bless you.