You've had the same overwhelming feeling of frustration: "This world has gone absolutely crazy!"

As a financial supporter of this Liberty and Health Alliance event you will no longer feel powerless as you watch the world be turned upside down.

You will know that you have made a POWERFUL event happen. 

Catch the vision. It's a gathering of scores of volunteers, servants of God, lovers of truth who are leading the way back to God's blueprint for life, for liberty, for gender... 

...and most of all, you will enable us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to minister to the needs of the confused, the sick, the sad, and the lonely. 

The event is FREE to the community. (Thank YOU for making that happen.)

Medical care is provided FREE (!!) to all those with a need. (You will be changing peoples' lives as they encounter the healing message of Jesus.) 

And the seminars, the health education, and the healing ministry are all used as the ultimate avenue to the hearts of the people, a means to point souls back to their Creator. 

THIS is how we - together - turn the world right side up. 

Practically speaking, 100% of your donations will go toward these urgent needs to make this event a reality:

Specifics to add Colin venue cost $39,000 food cost $18,900, equipment $189000, medical supplies $51,000, audiovisual $13,500, music therapy $7500, 
Holistic health literature $12,500, Registration and medical records $9000, laboratory services $62,000, pharmacy $41,000, Optical evaluation San free glasses $12,700, marketing and advertising $27,000, free clothing $16,500

We already have $225,000 raised. Approximately $275,000 to go.