If you've known Kyle Rouse, you understand that he was larger than life in every world in which that he found himself.  Kyle liked to communicate regularly with those that he loved, and there was nothing out of bounds in his thoughts and conversations. He spoke candidly a few times about his desire to give his nephews the best of educational opportunities.

Gabrielle was his first cousin and closest relative. He loved her dearly his entire life, and though they grew up 3 hours apart, Kyle and Gabby were always very close. Kyle was raised in Jacksonville, FL by his Mother Joy and his Grandmother Nan, but his Uncle John, Gabby's father, was a major male influence in his early development. In 2011, tragedy struck both Kyle and Gabby. Within the span of a few days in early 2011, Joy passed away from health complications and John McKenzie passed from a horrible incident.

In the years following, Gabby and her husband raised two boys, Layne and John, and Kyle loved them dearly. Kyle's only desire was that Layne and John could attend University and not be prevented from doing so by limited resources. 

So, it is the will of Kyle's Family and friends that his Wish become a reality. He wanted nothing more than to do something of this magnitude for Layne and John, building a better future for them.

Please, help Kyle's dream become a reality so that these young men will have the opportunity to build a better world in his honor. Any contribution will have a profound impact on their future.

Tim and Gabby Haifley