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The funds from this campaign will be received by Ashley Harvey.

Goal: USD $60,000
Raised: USD $ 63,784

After dealing with dizziness, vertigo and headaches, our dear friend Kyle had an MRI of his brain on October 4th which revealed a large, extensive tumor on his brain stem.  

After initial consultation with doctors, it was determined that the tumor is inoperable.   

Over the past two months, as they prayed and sought the Lord’s direction and leading, Kyle has had both a shunt placed to drain fluid and relieve symptoms, as well as a biopsy on the tumor to identify the exact type of tumor and to help inform their best course of treatment.

Kyle’s tumor has been identified as a Grade 3 Astrocytoma.  Thankfully, his genetic make-up means that he is very likely to respond to treatment.  His prognosis is a high likelihood of 3-5 years with the standard of care - radiation and chemotherapy.

After meeting with oncologists and radiologists here at home in Indy, Kyle and Ashley flew to Texas to get second and third opinions and to discuss alternative treatment options with the Burzynski Clinic and MD Anderson.

After much prayer and discussion, they decided to start treatment at the Burzynski Clinic the week of November 27th. This treatment included around the clock infusions, biweekly injections, and a few oral medications. They stayed in Houston for a few weeks and then flew home to continue the treatment in Indy. This also includes blood work every week as well as a follow up MRI in late January 2024.  They should know by then how he is responding to the treatment.  We are all thankful for their opportunity to start this treatment and believe the Lord will continue to provide.

However, this approach is considered alternative treatment as it is not the typical standard of care (which includes radiation and chemotherapy).  The Harveys have decided against radiation at this time, as they believe it is best for their family.  Kyle’s tumor is located deep in his brain stem which is the hub of communication to many important areas of the body.   If they had decided to proceed with radiation, several inches of healthy brain cells would have to be radiated to get access to the tumor. Additionally, the prognosis for standard of care is an average of only 3-5 years.  We are all praying for much longer.

Because this treatment is not the standard of care, and because many of these medications have
just recently been approved by the FDA, insurance does not cover most of the cost.  Additionally, patients generally receive treatment for an average of 3 to 8 months.  Therefore, the total cost for this treatment will be a tremendous financial burden on their family.

Kyle and Ashley started alternative treatment at Health and Wellness in Carmel, Indiana in October and have already paid out-of-pocket for this care at nearly $20,000.  However, we would love to see friends and family rally around them to help with upcoming costs for additional alternative treatment with the Burzynski Clinic.

The costs for travel, temporary housing, logistics and medicine for the initial three months are estimated below.  If the Lord leads you to consider helping financially, they would be blessed by your act of giving.

Thank you for your continued prayers and consideration of their financial needs.

Estimated Financial Needs
$ 3,000 - Air Travel to Houston (two trips)
$ 3,500 - Lodging in Houston (two trips)
$ 1,000 - Car Rental (two trips)
$ 1,250 - Initial Consultation
$ 17,000 - Burzynski Clinic Fees (December 2023)
$ 17,000 - Burzynski Clinic Fees (January 2024)
$ 17,000 - Burzynski Clinic Fees (February 2024)
$ 59,750 - TOTAL through February 2024


Update #1
December 29, 2023
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The Harveys have had to change direction with Kyle’s treatment plan for the time being.  

Kyle is declining at an increasing rate, and he was not able to start all the medications he needed quickly enough for the planned course of treatment at the Burzynski Clinic.

As a result, they have recommended that Kyle begin some standard of care treatment that will hopefully shrink the tumor.  This will allow more time for the Burzynski Clinic to provide treatment with longer-term results.

Kyle began chemo and radiation this week that will continue for six weeks; he will then continue with his treatment with the Burzynski Clinic around February 1st.  

As Kyle and Ashley navigate increasingly difficult circumstances, their hope remains in Jesus - the One who holds it all together and numbers our days. He has never left them and never will. They are trusting Him to give them exactly what they need as they rest in His will for each day.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for this dear family.


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