Kristina Malimon Legal Defense Fund

Our great patriot and freedom fighter, Kristina Malimon was falsely accused on January 6th in Washington DC. In a time like this when are liberties are being stripped away, it is important for us to stand together and help out one another. 

Please pray for Kristina Malimon, her mother and her family. As Kristina always says, "The battle belongs to the Lord". 

Please donate if you are able to, to help pay for legal costs. Funds that are raised over the goal will be donated to other patriots who were arrested on January 6th. 

May God bless all of you! 


Update #2 9/13/2021
September 14, 2021
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My fellow Patriots, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Thank you for your prayers and for the generosity, may the Lord bless you and your families with great abundance. I am VERY grateful for all you! ❤️??

My mother and I had our court hearing today, the prosecutors were given another extension, again, our next court date is November 5th, 2021. They don’t have any evidence to use against us, so they keep getting these extensions. 
They of course won’t find any evidence, because it simply doesn’t exist! We did not enter the Capitol building, we were not even in the area when the Capitol was open. But they keep dragging it out. 

Our Lord and Jesus Christ has EVERYTHING under control. He takes care of His children. Truth and justice will prevail! ❤️??

I have been permanently banned from social media platforms, and unfortunately have lost connection to all of you. But I want to say that I LOVE all of you VERY much! 

Although it’s been a tough few months, but always remember that both God and truth are on our side, which means we are victorious! 
America is the one country that was founded on the Bible, on the 10 commandments, that is why we have the BEST country. Continue to pray for our beautiful America, we will overcome all challenges, our beautiful America will thrive again! 

- Kristina Malimon

Update #1
September 12, 2021
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I want to thank everyone for the prayers and for the support, it means a lot. 

Our next court date is tomorrow - September 13th. Please keep my mother and I in prayers! 

May God bless all of you, may God bless our beautiful America! ❤️??

-Kristina Malimon 


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