Small rural Texas towns are the most affected by the intentionally created border crisis. The invasion of illegal aliens over our southern border, is a gross violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity to all Americans.

Clearly this is not a crisis, this is an INVASION, and the reason Kinney County Texas officials boldly moved to protect their residents by officially filing a DECLARATION OF LOCAL STATE OF DISASTER on April 21, 2021.  This was a catalyst for other counties and Texas Sheriffs to rise up and protect Texas!

We know that Governor Abbott and Texas leadership are fully aware of the border invasion, yet, they continue to play politics and refuse to take real action to secure Texas.  Their inactions have forced Sheriffs, other County officials and volunteers to band together in order to help secure Texas; and America!

Your donations will go directly to Kinney County to pay for resources to secure the Texas Border!

God bless you and thank you for your generosity in helping save our country!

Team Kinney County
501 S Ann Street
Bracketville, TX  78832