Les and Diane Kimball House Fire

Campaign Created by: Kim Kargbo

The funds from this campaign will be received by Les Kimball.

Goal: USD $75,000
Raised: USD $ 22,195

Late Tuesday night, September 13th, Les and Diane Kimball experienced a devastating house fire. Gratefully, Les woke up in time to get them both to safety, with nothing but their pajamas and glasses. The house, contents, and vehicle were a complete and total loss. The investigation is still ongoing, but the fire seemed to originate in the garage, possibly with the van. Following this catastrophic loss, we discovered that they were woefully underinsured for contents replacement. The house will be rebuilt by the retirement community where they live, which will take at least a year. There is a great deal that needs to take place as Les and Diane move forward from this tragedy. It is our hope that this fundraiser will allow them to begin putting their lives back together following this life-altering loss.


Update #3
November 13, 2022
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It has been two months since the fire. The Lord has shown gracious compassion to Mom and Dad, primarily through his people. They have been provided with fully-furnished temporary housing at the Lutheran Haven while they await the renovation of a new unit for them to live in permanently. That will take several more months. They were provided the gift of a loaner car for the past two months, which has been an immense blessing, and were able to purchase a new car with their insurance money yesterday. Recovering from such a devastating loss, will indeed take time, and they continue to trust the Lord’s faithfulness as they heal. There is much to grieve in the many losses as well as much to be grateful for. Through the generosity of people both on this fundraising platform, as well as through direct gifts, they will be able to purchase new furniture and household goods once they are moved into their new home. Our family deeply thanks everyone who has provided so many of their needs through this trying time. May God bless you in return. 

Kim - for the Kimball family 

2 weeks since the Fire
September 27, 2022
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Today is 2 weeks since the fire. Mom and Dad are still staying with Kim in Sanford while they wait for temporary housing to be set up at the Haven. There is a possibility that there will be something available for the short-term next week, but hurricane preparations are pushing back the timeline on that. We have made our own hurricane preparations and will ride out Hurricane Ian here. 

We have almost finished compiling the contents list for the insurance company. As we knew, the value of what they need to replace far exceeds what they had in insurance. One of the most significant losses has been all of Dad's tools and wood-crafting supplies. Anyone who knows Dad knows how much he loved his wood-crafting and what an amazing artisan he is. That has been a hard loss of something that he loved. Virtually none of his wood-crafts that decorated their house survived either. The fire originated in the garage and the heat exceeded 2600* F, melting away the tempered glass in the windshield and car windows completely. The tools and wood-crafting supplies alone were over $20,000 in losses. We pray that once he is settled again, he will be able to resume doing what he loved. In addition to this fundraiser, gift cards for Home Depot would be a blessing as he starts to replace all of the tools. 

Day 4 of recovery
September 17, 2022
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Mom and Dad are overwhelmed and grateful for the support and prayers. There is so much to process. Four of the 5 of us are in FL helping with the recovery and one is helping significantly from a distance. We have been able to file all of the appropriate reports and start proceedings for the vehicle replacement. They have been able to get some essential clothing items from donations, a trip to Walmart, and the generous gift of many clothes from an in-law who recently passed away. We have salvaged a few items from the house that had some meaning, but very little survived. We will attempt to clean those up and are not yet sure what can be kept. 

Next steps are cleaning of salvaged items and replacing Dad’s hearing aids. The Haven is working on temporary housing, but it will likely be a few weeks  

We’re so grateful for the prayers, financial assistance, meals, and physical assistance that has been provided so far. This will be a long road. 


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