Hello my name is Tyler Woods . I’m raising funds to Equip, Train, and Deploy the navy seals of evangelist. I will be assisting in the 3 month intense training of these evangelist. I will be serving and assisting under Bootcamp Director Evangelist Lutz. I will also we coaching students and training interns .” The harvest plentiful but the laborers are few “. After the three month training I will be going over to Uganda. I will meet with a team there and everything will be prepared. I will have a team where we will seek and save the lost . We will spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I trained in the CFAN evangelism Boot Camp I’m ordained by the ministry. I owe Jesus my life and given it to him to use. His way is so much better . I was a broken person lost in this dark world. When Jesus saved me I was desperate for a glimpse of hope and light . I want to share that light with the world . It is never too late and every soul counts . Join me in helping me get to Uganda, where 10’s of thousands of souls will be saved in Jesus name.We will hit many schools and universities.The markets , streets , byways and highways. The trip will be 3-4 weeks long . He will bless you in your giving.Hallelujah!

Check out the video from my last trip with CfaN where we went to Ghana and seen over 360,000 documented decisions for Christ!