Kekona turns 22 on August 11th and all that he wants is a car that runs well and looks decent. (The engine of his car blew out and is unsalvageable- family, friends and the auto shop have all inspected it.)

Kona is driving my ‘mama mini van’ with appreciation!  Even though the blender actuators and AC system is sooo kaput, it blows hot air ALL THE TIME! 🥵 (a $4k fix, which would be the third attempt) 😵‍💫

I had this idea, that if our family and friends that are like family, would be willing to gift Kekona $22 for his 22nd birthday, + Jason & I match what he has saved from work, then he will have a nice sized down payment to finance a moderately priced, used vehicle. This will also help him to start establishing credit for adulthood. A win/win! 

I want to keep it a secret until his birthday- I’ll buy a big birthday card & print out all your comments to put on it for him to read with a check for the final amount and video him opening it! 🤙🏼

You could really help to make Kekonas 22nd birthday special (AND to not sweat in his business clothes everyday for work! 😅) We love you all and appreciate you! xo- A