This is a cross-post to "Legal" of my initial "Emergency" campaign; since, it legitimately falls under both categories, just prefaced by a bit more of the legal aspects:

Preface: I THOUGHT I had a lawyer lined up to take this case on contingency; but, that "fell through" about 3 weeks ago. It may have been a "blessing in disguise;" or at least I'm trying to stay positive & look at it that way. My problem is that, even though it's a 1000% "slam-dunk-win," I'm now going to have to fund-raise for a retainer, in order to beat the statute of limitations filing deadline, in order to compel discovery on things such as insurance, assets, income, etc. Tax & similar records will have to be subpoena'd from state agencies, in order for any attorneys to be willing to take the case on contingency. The fire (see below) has left me destitute; so, this is my only hope of ever regaining a life worth living. I'm too old & too disabled to even try to "start over from scratch..." See below for more details:

I'm able & willing to provide the Sheriff's Dept & Fire Dept. reports, to verify that I'm "legitimate." I, also, have more drone photos on my (brackets to prevent auto-loading) [] page.

Copied from my KathyRenbarger campaign, over in the "Emergencies" category:

Hi, I'm a disabled senior (70 in March '24), living in rural Okla. On 2-20-2022, I lost 99+% of EVERYTHING to a fire which was intentionally set (under INSANELY DANGEROUUS conditions), by the CCP-UFWC backed "medical marijuana grow operation," which had bought the 5 acres 1 field south of my 7 acres, about a year prior. I'm having problems finding a lawyer to help me sue them for restitution, due to their CLAIM that they didn't have insurance. All the lawyers I've talked to agree that I have a "slam-dunk" case; but, with no insurance company to go after, they question the ability to collect on any judgement. The statute of limitations tolls at the 2 year mark. Some have said that they'd file the case & compel discovery regarding whether they had insurance at the time they set the fire, as well as other assets & profits; but, only if I can scrape together a retainer amount which is unreachable given my subsistence level income. I can't even afford used doors for the old camper trailer I'm currently staying in; or, even gas to get into town to get a shower more than about once a month. I'm, essentially, living "about 3 steps above homeless on my own land.." This time 2 years ago, things were tight; but, I had a very well insulated little house, which was destroyed by the fire, along with virtually everything else I ever had. 3 or 4 decades ago, I could've treated all of this as "an adventure" & rebounded on my own; but, especially with the loss of all of my nutriceuticals I'd used to retain my health, I feel myself losing ground on my physical, mental, & emotional  health with each passing day. It doesn't help that I came within just a couple minutes of getting trapped in my house & being burned to death. Had it not been for my mobility service dog, which God used as an angel that morning, I WOULD have been! Only my beliefs & my loyalty to him have kept me anything even remotely resembling sane since that fire; &, even with those, it's been best described as a "dark night of the soul." Even if you're unable to help financially, PLEASE keep me in your prayers & on any prayer lists you might be on!!! With my inability to sleep soundly, my lack of supplementary nutrition, sweltering heat in the summer & freezing cold in the winter, no hot water, & no way to bathe at home - it really scares me about the "places" where my physical brain "tries to go" at times... My "fight/flight/freeze" response has always defaulted to "fight," which has been my method of not giving up during other rough patches of my life; &, I've been able to use it constructively; but, feeling "blocked at every turn" by the legal system, has resulted in my physical brain to start wandering down some rather "dark alleyways." I NEED HOPE as a buffer against "going off the deep end" from the "You don't matter... Just go find a rock to crawl under & die..." messaging I seem to encounter all too often!!! Thank God for the fact that the 5 fire departments who responded quickly got here in time to spare 3 other homes in the vicinity (plus, MANY more which could easily have been lost further downwind) - I wouldn't wish what I've been through on anyone!!! I don't begrudge those who've had losses as the result of tornadoes the help which they've gotten. The sad reality is, when it's just one old lady that's impacted, the only help is a $515 card from the RedCross & a $35 "household items" voucher from the Salvation Army thrift store. While appreciated, neither "went very far" after being left without so much as a hair brush or real shoes. I didn't even qualify for the "group therapy" that was set up for anyone affected by the spring of '22 tornado; since, I wasn't a part of a "declared" disaster, even though folks who only lost a few shingles of fence panels qualified for it. (I'm NOT saying that even those with very little damage should've been excluded . It just bothered me that I was excluded, when the core issues were the same.) I'm not normally a "whiny" type of person; but, everyone has "a breaking point; "&, I've just gotten SO drained over the past 21 months + that I feel like I'm "at the end of my rope; &, the knot I tied into the end of it is fraying loose."



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