It's been about two years since I left my dream job as a Lead News Anchor. I spent nearly two decades following what I believed to be the ideals of Journalism - curiosity, being a voice for the voiceless, sharing both sides, holding those in power accountable. But between 2020 and 2021, I saw a shift I couldn't ignore. The news became full of adjectives, sensationalism, "moral authority," disrespecting our audience. I felt forced into a corner of being a propaganda puppet.  Objectivity was being gleefully traded in favor of corporate interests. News felt less like a service to the community by delivering information, and more like propaganda/following advertising directives. 

I called up my New York agent and told him I would no longer need his services. I will never regret breaking free, but it's been a winding road of uncertainty and financial insecurity. I can't do this alone. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this journey. I need to ask for support once again. 

I am now so excited to be welcoming a baby into this Wild West of Independent Journalism! But because I no longer work for the corporate world, taking some maternity leave, leaves me vulnerable to more financial insecurity. 

I've been really blessed to have had opportunities to contribute to other platforms - but could use more support for my growing family. 

Moving forward, I will try to be more proactive in securing more sponsorships. Marketing myself or funding through advertising has never been comfortable for me, but I realize it might become more necessary to sustain this venture. I will commit to you to never partner with any sponsor whose values don't align with ours or who would dictate who or what I choose to cover. 

Please consider supporting me and my family through prayer or a small donation. 

Thank you for your support and continued prayers! What a great God we serve! I'm eternally grateful He's brought me this far and carried me every step of the way. Thank you Jesus!