Funds for legal fees for the police interview 12pm 24th February. 

I have been campaigning to stop the erosion of women's rights since 2015/16. In 2018 I was approached by the police regarding my truthful words.  Trans activists and their allies, including the police, are using the police investigation process to silence me.   They want me to stop speaking about women's rights, women only spaces, our children and our language. 

On Friday I will attend my third police interview under caution for speaking about this issue. 

I have been arrested once and had the police at my door for being "untoward about paedophiles".   

This process is costly and time consuming. I want it to stop.  I am looking for help with my initial legal fees so that I can get the best advice and help with this interview.

I am also hosting a meeting outside of Trowbridge Police station at midday 24th February 2023.