Freedom of the press is an essential constitutional right and must remain protected. All activities of the American public should be able to be reported on and true members of the press should not be penalized unjustly for doing so. Please help Darrell F. Neely this true freedom fighter to be able to continue reporting the news as it is seen in society and without undue malicious treatment from the government. Please get to know this self made journalist who craves to report the truth of the information to you.

In my life before being a January 6er, I took time to find pleasure with my sons, Darrell Neely Jr. and Christian Kyle Alexander Neely and worked from home as the host of my radio shows, ODIN'S REALM OF INVESTIGATIONS and Blacks and Whites. I fully own the Global Enlightenment Radio Network, Neely Worldwide Publishing and am part owner of Radio Network with the most dangerous man in radio, Dan Perkins. Dan Perkins and I also have our show on the network and it is called Blacks And Whites. Dan Perkins is a celebrated journalist, radio talk show host and has been on and interviewed on numerous television shows, radio broadcast and television/radio newscast. There are other ventures that I have ownership in as well. My story before the occurrence was one where I went out to personally see the story and visually would attempt to understand the question that we all need to start with... WHY? Why is this situation occurring and what does it actually have to do with the issues at hand. To add to my credibility, I was at the RNC in downtown, Washington, DC with my friend and fellow reporter Frank Gagliardi and we actually had the opportunity to see the missing logic and the issues during the rioting as well as was in the mist of the attack on 2 senators and a (AFRICAN AMERICAN) Congressman who was of the Democratic Party (Now Changed to be Republican). There is video of me pulling him and his wife into their hotel as the DC Metropolitan Police basically surrounded him and did nothing as bottles, bricks and rocks were thrown at him. I also traveled to Chicago and Detroit to witness and share via video scenes of distress and protest disturbances. I am a journalist and I am a member of this media. When I speak, I speak to the audience and I do my best to be one person in media that will speak without bias or use words of manipulation. Importantly, I also went on the long uphill battle to disclose the truth concerning the COVID-19 virus as well with several of my extremely intelligent host with not only PhDs behind their name but MDs. as well. These shows were with Dr. Paul Cantrell Ph.D.. (Soon to have a MD), Leo Lyon Zagami and with Dr. Robert Malone MD.(the father of mRNA).

My name is Darrell Fitzgerald Neely and I am not a saint but I am human and I am an American. I give a lot of credit to my sister, Samantha Goldberg, because she is actually the one that put me on this trail of seeing the insanity of how our American Culture is being changed and diverted. She saw it from the inside and outside. Before her insertion of knowledge, my life was one where I tried my best to keep it all simple but in time, those I have brought into my life (significant others) have often made it a bit crazy with accusations, lies and dependencies that I normally just brush off because nothing out there in my opinion is more powerful than my love, dependency and belief in GOD, COUNTRY and the Love Of Fellow HUMANS. In my youth, I was a member of the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Civil Air Patrol, did Little League Baseball and was also part of the learning group called The Experiment In International Living and went to the prestigious St. John's College Middle School and St. John's College High School (each existing still today in Washington, DC. My college experiences were at the University of the District of Columbia and at Howard University (where I received my Honorary Ph.D... in Psychology). I am also formerly of the US Navy and the US NAVY Reserves as well. To my credits in life, I am a nine times author and the one novel I can not wait to fulfill is the story of my mother, Doris Curtis Neely who formerly worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. I love to relax with an adventure game at the end of my day but when that does not happen, I find greater pleasure in writing and creating a world for others to dwell within (especially the children). I love to travel and have probably been to almost every country in the world and I have seen six of the seven continents. My hobbies are gaming, playing cards, reading, playing chess, traveling, cooking, doing research, and gardening. My future plans, after this is trial of life is done, I believe I want to find a place to seriously lay down roots, find a way to enhance my social life as well as create a social life. This government whipping really put me in a spot that says, I AM TOO OLD FOR THIS; but I will keep reporting the information and rebuild my businesses. The world needs them and I do want to stay in media and not dwell into the psychological aspects of why this society is so accepting of words without deeds. I remember a time when we celebrated individuals for their deeds and acts of valor but what happened? Maybe that should be my next story to write.. My musical interest lies in the lands of various but i love my metal, classic 80's music and I just love to listen to some Blues and Jazz but my heart lies with the music of Norway and Iceland. My heart of music also can actually get deeply into Celtic, and Gregorian music as well as the music of Mexico and Peru. I am very knowledgeable of different cultures and have, as stated before, traveled a lot. I basically tell people I did the world tour before the age of 17 and then did it again to see how cultures and countries have changed. My advice for all who are interested in learning about this society is to read books on its social systems and watch the societal changes. My hero in life is my mother and her strength to stand for what is correct and right. My hope is that I can have the same standing in the eyes and thoughts of my children. My idea of a great vacation or place to travel would be to actually complete the world tour and see Antarctica as my friend, Brad Olsen, has done. I am so excited to see the future but more excited to be a part of it and its life changing events. I can not wait to get back on air to let my voice travel to the millions of listeners that were locked on and into my radio network. I want to give thanks to all of the host there for their continued support but I need to specifically mention Gary Leggiere, Penny Bradley, Samantha Goldberg, Laura Eisenhower, Dan Perkins, Robert Morningstar, Dr. Paul Cantrell Ph.D.(Soon to have MD) and Miles Moon Bases, Ramona, Leo Zagami, Brad Olsen, Dr. Robert Malone (Father of mRNA) and just everyone. Also, I would like to thank Angel Espino (The Jackal) for his continuous support and long term friendship. God bless each and every one of them that have stood with and beside me even though I pushed them away or dropped off the face of the Earth because I did not want the US GOVERNMENT to make their lives hell as well.

As a Reverend, as well, I would like to pray for all that live in this land we call The United States of America and I hope that this land finds freedom from the sickness that has come over it. I pray that We The People can help and assist the true freedom fighters that are being censored by this government for reporting the truth in news as well as on television, radio and various other forms of social media. I pray that America stays the land of the brave and will never be reverted from the proclamation of being the land of the free and the home of the brave. God Bless America and God Bless the readers of this information from my best friend and lady, Lori.