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Update as of 6-28-2023:

We have been in a battle to retrieve Trista's Medical records for about 8 months. We've had several denials, ignored calls, claims of "misplaced" records and out right refusals. We have filed complaints with the Oklahoma DO license board, spoken with Congressman and been assisted by investigative journalists and other advocates. This has resulted in a few incomplete records, but those records have created even more questions that need answers. The Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office refuses to complete Trista's autopsy report or give us an ETA of completion. We need them to complete this report. Not because we expect the ME's report to be revealing or accurate, but because we expect it NOT to be. Her slides and tissue samples need to go to the right pathologists to properly gather the evidence we need. Evidence that we can use to hold those responsible for her death, accountable for killing our daughter. This fight has forced us to secure legal council. This is a daunting and overwhelming experience and any assistance you can provide here on GiveSendGo will go far. Thank you so much for your financial gift and for helping us fight this fight.  Our hope is that Trista's death will not be in vain, but be a catalyst to save many other lives. 

What happened:

The Pfizer Covid Shot, batch fn2908, took Trista's life on November 9, 2022. Our beautiful 18-year-old daughter died suddenly and, at the time, we had no idea why. She was happy and vibrant the day before, with no known health conditions and she was fit and active. She spent the night with her older sister and close friend. They watched movies, played games and took selfies. Around 8 am on that Wednesday morning , she awoke complaining that she was having trouble breathing & her whole body hurt. She decided to lie back down in an effort to feel better. Her friend checked on her a few minutes later and she would not wake up. Her friend called me, her mother, for help. I was close and arrived within minutes. I found she wasn't breathing. I started CPR and called 911. What followed was the most grueling and horrific experience of my life. No mother should ever go through this.

The doctors couldn't figure out why this was happening to Trista. They told us that her heart was swollen, her blood glucose level was over 600 (she was not diabetic) and she had multiple organs that had shut down. She tested Negative for Covid and her toxicology came back clean. They said she needed dialysis, but dialysis would definitely kill her in her current state. They said she had about a 1% chance of survival. 

At around noon, they moved Trista to the ICU. It was now that we learned from Trista's friend that Trista had gotten the Covid shot. Trista had asked her not to tell us (her parents). Trista knew we were hesistant to getting this shot and had discussed this with her and her brother several times. But Trista wanted to go to concerts and travel without worrying about proving she was Covid Negative. She believed the "Safe and Effective" lie. The lie that is now killing our young people. Trista officially passed at 5:05 pm that day.

We didn't immediately associate the Pfizer shot with our daughter's death. We existed in the same bubble of suppressed information that many of you reading this now understand to be very real. It took a few weeks for us to collect additional information and study available data. After she passed we began researching NIH.gov, Pfizer trial research, and first-hand accounts of others who'd experienced similar events with loved ones. Like so many others, we've discovered grotesque fraud and evil reaching the highest levels of government and multi-billion dollar corporations that are WELL AWARE this shot is killing young people and they don't care. More info here

Trista was supposed to start college in the Spring. She wanted to be a social worker and a child psychologist. She wanted to adopt a teenager because "no one else adopts teenagers". She wanted to be a mom. She wanted to be a foster mom. All she wanted to do was help others. She was a beautiful person, inside and out. All she wanted to do was good. 

We will never get to see her do any of these things. We will never see her graduate college. We will never get to see her get married. We will never hold her children. We will never get to see the amazing woman we know she would have become.

First, we need help to give her the memorial she deserves. A place for everyone who loved her to come and sit and visit her memory. We are currently under contract with Floral Haven Cemetery in Broken Arrow, OK for a small plot and Pink granite birdbath, inscribed with her name and picture, that will hold her ashes as her eternal resting place. They are allowing us to make payments, but they will not begin making the memorial until the remaining balance is paid in full. (Update 6-28-23: We have made great strides in getting the vast majority of this paid thanks to your gifts! We are about 3/4 of the way there. )

Secondly, we need to find answers. We NEED the truth to be available for everyone to save lives and prevent families from going through what we are currently experiencing. We HAVE to expose the misinformation, the fraud, and the lies and stop the malicious censorship by media, big tech, and the government. We need help to finance travel costs to speak and participate, in person, at events, marches, and coordinated events. We want those responsible for countless injuries and our daughter's murder to be held accountable. We need help. We can't accomplish this without your help.

We are devastated. We are heartbroken. We are our daughter's only voice now. We will fight for her until our last breaths. Please help us fight for the truth. 

If we can save others from losing a child or other loved one, we can feel like we are doing right by Trista. We will always keep fighting. We will not be silent. Thank you for helping and for reading the end-of-life story of our precious daughter, Trista DeanΓ© Martin.

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"Undetermined" After 8 Months of waiting
July 25, 2023
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We finally received Trista's Autopsy and Medical Examiner's report from the State of Oklahoma (OCME) after waiting more than 8 months. Her official cause of death is now "Undetermined". They found no less than 3 conditions that are well known to be adverse reactions to the mRNA injection, 1 of them very specific to Pfizer/Bio-N-Tech. OCME has proven that she had no detectable toxins or illicit drugs in her system. No alcohol or drug abuse and no genetic abnormality or congenital condition. OCME does not possess the equipment or training to perform the tests needed to discover the presence of markers that would definitively link these conditions with what actually killed her. The ONLY thing about her that was out of ordinary at the time. She received the Pfizer Bio-N-Tech mRNA Covid injection. 

I believe the OCME is well aware of what killed my daughter. But without performing the necessary tests, they WILL NOT list the mRNA injection as the causal factor of her death. To do so would bring them unwelcome scrutiny. Considering the OCME lost their accreditation in 2009 and haven't regained it since, they certainly don't want that. They want us to be pacified with "undetermined". We will NOT be pacified. We have no choice but to pursue additional pathology.

We have paid to retain her tissue and blood samples until this pathology can be completed. We have reached out to Dr. Ryan Cole and are hopeful that he will help us, but haven't gotten anything confirmed through his office, as of yet. We are still open to other options, but ALL OPTIONS cost a lot of money. You guys and this campaign have helped us make great strides in paying for her funeral service, cremation, memorial, and bills that we otherwise would have been unable to cover. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We do not believe there exists an advocate legal firm in the US that is willing to help us Pro Bono or on Contingency based on the current existence of EUA protections. So we have to pay one, somehow, or give up. I refuse to give up. Once we have the pathological evidence proving Trista's death is directly linked to the mRNA injection, the next step is proving Pfizer committed fraud during the trials. The EUA comes crashing down once it is proven that they lied to all of us. There are a few court actions from whistle blowers and trial victims looking at proving this fraud, as we speak. But the tentacles of Big Pharma reach deeply into all arms of our government and judicial system, making this much more than an uphill battle. We need legal actions on every front. We need loud, well publicized, public voices shouting and demanding justice for all those injured and killed by this horrific campaign of evil and greed.

We cannot accomplish this without you. Thank you for giving. Thank you speaking out. Thank you for sharing.


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