This campaign has been created on behalf of military veteran Jorge Riley, who is a loyal and prominent Republican influencer in California. Jorge Riley is a steadfast U.S. Patriot and served various roles for the California Republican Assembly and the Sacramento Republican Assembly. 

Jorge is a former military sniper and has worked hard to fight groups like Antifa and BLM in California, many times putting his own life on the line to protect Trump supporters at numerous rallies and gatherings on the West Coast and Washington DC. 

Jorge Riley showed his patriotism at the infamous rally in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. He did so because, in his own words, “My Commander in Chief asked me show up. I am following the orders of my President”. Upon the day of the rally on January 6, Jorge Riley exemplified the utmost patriotism for our country. He not only flew across the country to stop the steal, but he also protected police officers and civilians at the scene of the rally. His patriotism and zeal for stopping the election theft led him into the capitol. Jorge’s intentions were to stop certification of the biggest election fraud in history. As the election fraud continues to surface today, legal challenges and costs are mounting up. 

He made it into Nancy Pelosi’s office, and areas where other Patriots occupied with the sole effort of supporting President Trump. Jorge Riley has no fear and would certainly die for this country, the great United Sates of America. There is nothing that would hold him back from fighting to put a halt to the election theft that took place in our great country.

Let's fast forward to the present time. Jorge Riley was apprehended by the FBI and charged with federal crimes. Since being arrested and serving jail time, he was released by a judge. 

Unfortunately right after his release, the liberal state of California dug up old information on Jorge Riley and the authorities and DA in California are doing all they can to seize Jorge’s freedom. 

the state of CA has had Jorge arrested yet again - this time by the state of California. They are digging deep for anything they can to put Jorge away for as long as possible. This is nothing short of a travesty and a military veteran should never be treated this way by vindictive and liberal prosecutors.

This campaign was created to make Patriots aware of what Jorge has done for his country, and if there is any gesture you might make on behalf of Jorge Riley. As a disabled veteran, he cannot afford a private attorney.

If there is any assistance Patriots may be able to offer with respect to legal counsel, or facilitation of a Patriotic Constitutional attorney for Jorge. Jorge's faith in God is leading him during this difficult time. 

For your reference sir, here is a link to just one article on Jorge Riley. There are many, many others. He desperately needs the help of Patriots worldwide.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and I hope with every part of me that you will respond and come through for Jorge Riley. 

Your Fellow U.S. Patriots United