The legal case of Jon Woods has garnered major national attention.  This is a fund for justice.  This is a fund to free Jon.  A legal team is preparing to shine a huge spotlight upon Arkansas prosecutorial misconduct, a FBI agent that destroyed evidence (laptop), a second computer hard-drive that was replaced, a judge that was asked to recuse and refused to do so, sealed files, doctored document(s), and numerous other outlandish, unethical events and conflicts of interest that resulted in a good ol’ fashioned southern home-cooked prosecution of a Christian, conservative, Republican, in Arkansas.  

There is one side of the story created by the prosecution and fed to the media, then there is the whole truth.  There is what the transcript states happened in the trial, and then there is what people actually witnessed.  Below are just a few of many factual links, that once read, will cause a person with common sense to realize, what happened to Jon Woods is no less than stomping on the very foundation of every American’s basic right to a fair trial and the vaporization for everyone of the ideology of what our justice system should be.

The full story of the pre-trial, actual trial, and subsequent continued appeals of former Republican Arkansas state senator Jon Woods, has only recently been exposed to the outside world.  Jon, now age 45, was the first and only Arkansas legislator to publicly endorse Donald Trump for President when he ran for the presidency in 2016.  Jon was indicted one year later.  In 2018, Jon was convicted and sentenced to 18 years in federal prison, where he now serves, by an Obama appointed judge.  Although Jon was found not guilty on several charges, the judge decided otherwise and overrode those verdicts.  It is worth noting the primary accusation centered on Jon’s involvement with successfully helping a local Arkansas Christian college receive gov’t grant money.  This grant was applied for and received by a local Arkansas Christian college, a process that had several layers of third party checks and balances.  Jon maintained his innocence and has continued to file appeals and other legal briefs/documents as recently as January, 2023.

The numerous criminal/unethical actions in this case by the prosecution and related parties, gained the attention of The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL).   Below is a link to a brief filed by the NACDL. The NACDL brief itself represents the weight of THOUSANDS of attorneys, to include judges, and professors. The NACDL brief includes the statements of “shocking bad faith act of destroying evidence in this case....” and “It is difficult to imagine a more outrageous set of facts”, and has the weight of entire legal profession who represent the protectors of basic legal rights across the entire United States of America.

All funds that are given for this cause are very much appreciated and come with our prayers of thanks.  All funds will be strictly utilized for only the payment/reimbursement of attorney/legal and related costs/fees for the benefit of Jon Woods’ freedom.  We will provide updates in this ongoing ordeal as they occur.  Thank you again everyone for your consideration.



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