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The funds from this campaign will be received by Jeffrey Hanson.

Goal : USD $50,000
Raised : USD $24,894

I write to ask your support for a father, friend, and standout U.S. Army veteran who finds himself facing the full force of the United States government after years of dedicated and  distinguished service to his country. Joseph Randall Biggs has been held without bail for 10 months in the Seminole County jail in Sanford, Florida. Joseph Biggs hasn’t been convicted of any crimes. He has no criminal record. At Seminole’s jail since April 22, 2021, he has been threatened, had poor medical care for follow-ups on injuries he sustained stationed abroad, and had no real ability to review massive amounts of evidence to prepare for his upcoming January 6 trial.

Timothy Kelly is the federal judge presiding in Biggs’ trial who 10 months ago unexpectedly revoked Biggs’ home release and ordered Biggs to pretrial detention. Recently, Judge Kelly ordered Biggs be transported to the nationally infamous DC Jail.

Let me tell more about the life of Joseph Biggs:

·         Retired United States Army Staff Sergeant.

·         Earned a Purple Heart.

·         Served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan (full year in both)

·         In 2010, as a civilian, planned and carried out rescue missions in Haiti after the earthquake

·         Similar rescue missions in Texas after Hurricane Harvey

·         Similar rescue missions in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

·         Public figure (appearing in “Dan Rather Reports,” Men’s Journal, Outdoors, Rolling Stone, other documentaries, other magazines)

·         Trained and lifelong EMT.

  Moved to Florida in 2018 to care for his mother, a cancer patient.

·         Loving father of a pre-K aged daughter.

  Biggs committed no violence on January 6th. He didn’t threaten anyone. He didn’t “storm” anything. He didn’t encourage aggression. He didn’t even raise his voice.

THIS IS A PLEA FOR HELP.  This is not political.  This is about helping a veteran fight against the government he dedicated his life to defend.  Joe, and his family need your help to cover all costs related to him being locked up for the last 10 months.  And it isn't even close to being over yet, as this case is currently not scheduled to go to trial until May 18, 2022.



Update #5
June 12, 2022
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This past Thursday, June 9, 2022 during a scheduled status conference, the lead prosecutor in this case, Jason McCullough made a point about the upcoming January 6th Select Committee.  In brief, he thought it would be a good idea to mention that the committee had a prime time airing coming up later that night, and also that there is a potential for them to release 1000's of documents in what could end up being in the middle of their expected trial, scheduled to begin August 8, 2022.  Mr. McCullough did not, in exact words, say that he is asking to vacate the trial date, or to push back the start of the trial, but he may was well have.  That possibility is out there, however.  

During the prime time hearing, it seemed apparent that they intend on making Joe Biggs as one of their main focus points, as his name was brought up at several points throughout the hearing.

Based on this information, your help is needed more than ever.  It seems like there is a great possibility that this trial gets pushed back even further than August.  

Thank you to everyone who has given and shared.  It is greatly appreciated.  Please continue to share and your donations are always welcomed.  

Update #4
May 8, 2022
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Just a quick update since the last update in April.

The new trial date has been set for August 8, 2022.  They are expecting about a 6 week trial, so it doesn't appear like we will have any semblance of a conclusion in this case until mid to late September.  Up until at least September, Joe will continue to need a war chest to fight his upcoming criminal case and two related civil "conspiracy" cases in DC.  Even at greatly reduced rates, federal jury trials are extremely expensive. 

Joe is still detained at the Alexandria Detention Center in Virginia.  From what I understand, he is still in solitary, and not in the general population.  He still doesn't have access to any electronic devices for email, or review of disclosure evidence.  He is not allowed to accept phone calls, except for legal, but is allowed to make phone calls in the limited time that he allowed to do so. 

You can still write letters to him, but I have heard from others that in a few cases, that letters have been returned.  

Joe's case originally had 3 other co-defendants, but then 2 more were added, for a total of 6.  One of the originals, has accepted a plea deal, so now there are a total of 5 co-defendants in this case.  

Please continue to pray for Joe and his family, and of course your financial donations are always greatly appreciated.  Thank You.  

Update #3
April 19, 2022
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It's been a while since this page has been updated, so here is a brief update.

Joe Biggs is currently detained at the Alexandria Detention Center in Alexandria, Virginia, and has been since mid March.  April 22, 2022 will mark an entire year that he as been detained.  

Here is his mailing address if you'd like to send him mail:

Joe Biggs

Inmate Number: 279495

Alexandria Detention Center

2001 Mill Road

Alexandria, VA  22314

The previous trial start date of May 18th, has been vacated and there is no current exact date as when his trial his expected to begin.

Thank you to everyone who has donated, and will donate in the future.  It is very much appreciated.

Update #2
February 19, 2022
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Joe Biggs is now scheduled to be transferred from Sanford, FL to DC in the next week.  We don\'t know yet for sure which day, but as of now we are thinking it will be on Thursday.  Based on this, we are asking people to come out to the John E Polk Correctional Facility (100 Eslinger Way Sanford, FL) starting at 10:00 am on Thursday, February 24.  Be peaceful.  Be Proud. Brings signs. Bring Love.  Bring support for Joe Biggs.  Be law abiding.  

I will NOT be able to attend since I live in Georgia, but many of my friends and acquaintances will be there. 

I am assuming Joe will be transferred by the Marshall\\'s service and be transported by car.  But that\\'s only a guess on my part. I\\'m also assuming they will take I-95 North from Florida to Virginia, then to DC.  I\\'m also calling on people who live along that route to post signs in support of Joe on the side of the road, on bridges and overpasses etc.  Hopefully he will see them.  

You can follow my telegram group dedicated to Joe Biggs News and updates at:

Update #1
January 24, 2022
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Tonight I was able to call into the Sunday Night Live Show with Owen Shroyer and he was kind enough to take my call and let me speak freely without interruption.  I truly want to thank everyone who heard the call and donated shortly after.  Thank you so much!

Here is a video I did with that call:


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