Update 1/9/22

Jim Roberts is alive and recovering from the stabbing. Within a day of coming out of a coma he ripped his cords out and self checked out, telling us that his old man had said: "You go to hospital to get treated, you go home to get better. A healthy patient makes no money." 

He's lost 12kg but is hopefully getting back on solid food soon. The money raised has gone towards smoothie supplies to help detox from the soyslop drip.

Again the support has been unbelievable and we raised over $6,000 on the GiveSendGo. I told Jim we almost raised enough to get a decent set of wheels to help him back on his feet and he responded saying, "We should get something for the org instead".

There's only a handful of men alive who dedicate themselves to our struggle as much as Jim Roberts, and who consistently put themselves second to those around them.

I'll leave this up for those who think Jim can put himself first for once.

Jimeone Roberts a.k.a Aryan Barbarian was attacked from behind in Melbourne CBD last Saturday night with a broken bottle. He has suffered neck wounds and is in an intensive care unit in hospital. I have had many people within Australia and from overseas reach out to want to donate money to help in his recovery. In Australia we more or less have tax-payer funded medical care, so the money is not being raised for any specific medical bills. The money will go towards getting Jim a carepackage of his favourite foods, especially the meat and dairy products we know he eats by the metric tonne. The money raised will also go towards any future household bills he has, as he will most likely be unable to work for the next couple weeks.