#JesusMail is bringing the beauty back into snail mail with an encouraging/uplifting/inspirational card or letter that has been prayed over from the moment we receive the name. We currently reach ladies who are incarcerated. 
Our mission is to encourage and empower woman through the Word of God through letters that contain scripture, prayers, inspiration, & accountability. 
The vision is to fund all materials (paper, envelopes, pens, postage stamps, cards, ect.) To both the writers with #JesusMail & the woman we reach out too! Not only do we pray to fund all materials, we also pray to one day travel and bring the Word of God into the prisons.
This fundraiser will also help us prepare and print the #JesusMail Devotional, making it accessible (free) to the women in prison.

If your interested in writing for #JesusMail find us on Facebook for further information 

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