Jessica was a beautiful, vibrant healthy woman who was pregnant with her 7th child when she contracted Covid. After her battle with the virus, she entered the hospital to receive oxygen and alternative treatments in hopes to monitor the baby during the course of the illness. The hospital determined they she was to be treated only according to the standard of care, which is to be injected with the deadly Remdesivir against her will, (while this drug is noted in African trials for killing over 53% of patients in several studies.) Jessica's wish was to avoid these protocols for fear for her baby's life. She was advised by doctors to deliver the premature baby, and be put on a ventilator (according to the standards of the hospital.) Jessica tragically passed away 10 days later, as a result of these C19 protocols being administered, while very simple alt. treatments could have been administered.  This left her husband Matt, 7 children, a loving family and many friends devastated. Baby Margaret never got to be held by her mother.

This family of eight is now seeking justice for the medical atrocities that occurred whilst Jessica was in the hospital. The Ventilator left holes in her lungs and aneurisms in her brain and she suffered many strokes, leaving her brain dead.  A warrior lawyer taking on multiple cases across the nation and in Michigan has agreed to defend Jessica's Memory and seek justice on her behalf for the false claims of the hospital. To file the initial paperwork, the family is trying to raise $2,500 to allow the lawyers to continue to file the initial papers on behalf of Jessica.

 A beautiful portrait of her hangs in the living room now, watching over her kids. Please in your charity, help this family to seek Justice and to hold those accountable, and to prevent others from suffering the same tragic situation that this beautiful family has had to face. We thank you for your continued prayers, and we trust the Lord God in his infinite wisdom and justice to help us, May his will be accomplished.