DO YOU REALIZE...that the Republican State Central Committee was created so that YOU, and NOT PARTY BOSSES, would determine the PRIORITIES, and DIRECTION Of Ohio's Republican Party?

On March 19th, your vote will determine whether YOU or PARTY BOSSES call the shots. 

🗳️ Re-elect Jessica Franz for Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee (ORSCC) in Senate District 5, which includes Miami, Preble, NW Montgomery, S. Darke, and N. Butler.

✅ What sets me apart?

• Not part of the establishment elite.

• No appointment from DeWine or any statewide official.

• No compensation or favors for serving on the committee.

• No personal or political career agenda.

• No compromise and unwavering commitment to the conservative beliefs and values of the Republican platform.

🔍 My Purpose:

• Serving Republican voters in Senate District 5.

• Keeping you informed about the Ohio Republican Party.

• Recruiting, vetting, and supporting Republican candidates.

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🏛️ Crucial Role of Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Members (ORSCC):

• Shaping the direction and priorities of the Ohio Republican Party.

• Endorsing candidates.

• Promoting conservative policies.

• Ensuring accountability.

👥 Conservative Progress:

If re-elected, I am committed to continuing reforms and championing conservative values. However, I face opposition from the establishment, who have handpicked a challenger to oppose me who is aligned with their interests rather than those of Republican voters of district 5.

I humbly request your prayers and your vote on March 19th. Additionally, if you can contribute to my campaign, any amount, no matter how small, will greatly assist in helping me reach Republican voters.

I prioritize Republican voters, not party elites.

🗳️ Vote for Jessica Franz on March 19th:

• Prioritizes your voice over special interests.

• Committed to continuing reforms.

• Aggressively advocates for conservative policies.

👍 I am a trusted conservative with a resume to prove it:

• Opposed Pres. Biden’s Changes to Title IX.

• Advocated for ORP to become a Pro-Life Party.

• Co-Sponsored Resolution to Censure the Blue 22.

• Supported Legislation Requiring 60% to Amend the Ohio Constitution.

• Advocated for Fairness and Transparency in Committee Resources Access.

• Supported Partisan School Board Races.

• Urged Passage of HB 68 SAFE Act and HB 8 Parents Right to Know Act.

• Opposed Ohio Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment (Issue 1).

• Protected the Sanctity of Life for the Preborn in Ohio.

• Co-Sponsored Resolution to Condemn Hamas and Antisemitism Globally.

• Opposed Recreational Marijuana Legalization (Issue 2).

• Supported Legislation to Prohibit Mask Mandates.

🚫 Never Wavered from My Campaign Platform to:

• Stand for Republican Party Principles and Values.

• Pledge Loyalty to Republican Voters, Not the Establishment.

• Bring Accountability to Republican Candidates and Elected Officials.

• Oppose Party Endorsements in the Primary.

• Always Protect the Unborn with Life Beginning at Conception.