On January 6th, I went to DC to support President Trump & fight for fair elections. At the Capitol, I went inside the building along with several hundred people through an open door that the Capitol Police opened. I did not destroy any property or partake in violence of any kind. Patriots don't do that. An emotional video I made that night has gone viral & been taken massively out of context. Cancel culture has attacked my small businesses & those associated with me. I've received over 7 death threats & 1000+ 1star reviews from cancel culture across the country. My employees are scared. I've been called an American terrorist. I love my country, President Trump, the Constitution, & the Christian principles our country was founded on. God made me a fighter not a coward, & I refuse to let cancel culture destroy my life, my business, or my country. I would appreciate any help you can provide to help with legal fees as I've already paid over $20,000 in legal fees out of pocket in the last 2 weeks. If you cannot contribute, please pray. God bless the U.S.A.!