Uganda Africa Missions Trip

Campaign Created by: Jenna Clark

The funds from this campaign will be received by Jenna Clark.

Goal: USD $3,000
Raised: USD $ 4,649

✈️ I am going to Uganda, Africa. February 21- March 2, 2024. 300 orphans to love,  one at a time. To serve. To  pray for. 

Romans 10:12-15 

Missions has been a tiny whisper in prayer between me and God my whole life. I’ve always heard: wait, not now. I have dismissed an opportunity in front of me because of all things of life. I have often found myself praying through the belief that a mom of 4 doesn’t do missions trips… and maybe they don’t.. But I kept thinking about it and praying about it. 

I kept praying, and God kept showing up despite my often wandering ears.So this is the year. A stamp in my first passport and a whisper to the Lord, I hear you. Yes.  

I’d really love for you to be apart of it. ♥️

-Where: Uganda Africa. 

-Who: A team and I through Nelson Christian Church and Commission Encounter. 

-What will you do? 

We will serve and love on 300 orphans from 3 different orphanages. While there, we will share the gospel,  give out backpacks with school supplies and a new outfit to each child. We will help where we are needed, love each person one at a time and do whatever is needed to serve. 

It might look like:

holding a child

praying for and over people

connecting with my team and others

Helping to move something

loading a backpack

sorting a new outfit for each child

serving a meal

I want to share this trip with each of you. 🌻I would love and appreciate your prayer. This means so much to me and my family

🌻I would love and appreciate your financial support for this trip to help get me there. God is big! Your donation will directly impact each of these children’s lives and the future generation. 

Give if you can but  Pray without ceasing. 

All my love,

Jenna 🌻


January 6, 2024
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$1,090.00 raised. Grateful. Humbled. 

Thank you. 🙏

In the New Year,  would you think about the gifted ness you have been given along with me? If you’re like me, you have to keep asking God to keep you in your strengths and discern your path. I have had to relearn who I am, and whose I am. He is faithful and patient, loving , forgiving. 2024 He made it clear to me on this trip, go. 

How do you use your gifts to serve those around you? 

Love ya


January 3, 2024
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🕊️🎄🎁

We celebrated the birth of Jesus, opened gifts under the tree, spent it with old friends and new. It was a special Christmas with so many faces around the table. Full hearts, full hands.  I hope your holidays were surrounded by people you love. 

Some updates:🌟

 -The campaign is going steady! $555.00 raised ! Thank you for everyone that has donated. 

-So many have been praying, or reached out and continue to ask for updates. It really means a lot to me. I know a trip so far away can feel both exciting and a little overwhelming all at the same time to so many. I understand. I thank you for giving and praying anyway. 💕

-Flight arrangements are booked, and arrangements are made. Our connections pastor has worked hard in managing all the details for our team. 

-I made a trip to the international travel office today and got a few things in order for medications I need to take prior to leaving. I learned so much. 

Thanks so much for following my mission journey. Pray without ceasing 

All the love,


First week!
December 19, 2023
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If your reading this, thank you for following along! 

If you have prayed for me, thank you. 

If you have donated financially, thank you. $250 raised in just a few days. Thank you all! 

So many people have reached out and encouraged my heart. I am forever grateful for this

Today  I got a call from give send go from a woman named Claudia, simply asking if she could pray with me. 

Claudia prayed for me, for this trip, for others going, for the children, for our hands and feet to be used and our ears able to hear the needs around us. She prayed for each of you too. 

Love you all 💕


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