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I'm covering the border crisis as a freelance videographer.

I camped out in Lukeville, Arizona, for 7 weeks, from October to December, where 800-1500 illegal aliens, many from Islamic nations, were crossing per day. There were no news networks covering Lukeville for five of the weeks I was there. They only showed up when the port of entry closed.  


Your donation helps keep me on the border, filming massive hotspots that MSM isn't showing, where thousands of illegal aliens, many from African and Middle Eastern nations, are crossing the border every day. 


I've been filming on the border since 2019. I was the videographer and news editor for We Build the Wall (WBTW), the organization that was founded by triple-amputee war veteran Airman Brian Kolfage. Airman Kolfage sent me alone to document the construction of the historic, first-ever, privately funded border wall in Sunland Park, New Mexico, which WBTW paid for with donations from American patriots.

After that, I was sent around the world by Steve Bannon and Airman Kolfage to film border walls and international counter-terrorism efforts. I traveled by myself, often in combat areas such as Israel's border with Gaza when rockets were flying in. Steve Bannon first had me embed with the Hong Kong protesters who were fighting against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to film that struggle. 

Today I am 100% freelance and pay my own way on border missions with the help of donors and supporters. 


When I was 16, I almost bled to death from a methamphetamine overdose. The methamphetamine came from a major US gang, which the Mexican drug cartels were supplying. The methamphetamine (and other drugs) were introduced into the US school system via the gang (and others) in order to get schoolchildren hooked. 

After becoming homeless because of my drug addiction when I was 18, the cartel-supplied gang attempted to force me to become a drug transporter. I fought back, believing every day I would be killed. The gang poisoned me with strychnine in an attempt to off me and attempted to set me up for a shooting when I was 19. I escaped the gang shortly thereafter. For four years after that, I believed every day that I would be shot and killed on the streets. 

That's part of what drives me to cover the border crisis, even if it costs me, which it does. I do not profit from this. I am actually losing money. But I will continue on for as long as possible. 


I buy all my own pro-equipment and pay to travel. I build relationships with border agents and others in order to get an in-depth look at what's happening and why in order to take out the who harm American children and others. 

Your donation helps keep me out here. The biggest costs are vehicle repairs and fuel. I usually camp out right on the border for weeks at a time, but sometimes I get a cheap motel room to work from or wait for my Jeep to be repaired. 

I will be traveling to film on the border again after the holidays. I will be working on counter-terrorism intelligence.

Check my Rainforth Report on Substack for ad-free articles about my time on the border. Thank you to all who contribute.


7 Weeks In Lukeville Border Update #1 - Thank you, Patriots! Editing Hundreds Of Hours Of Footage
January 26, 2024
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Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for your generosity in covering some of the costs related to being away from home, on the border, and camped out in Lukeville, Arizona, for 7 weeks. 

I saw so many shocking things that spell bad news for America in the near future, if not already. I filmed tens of thousands of illegal aliens from all over the world, most males from Islamic-majority African nations, Syrians, and Indians. Hispanics made up less than 25% of those crossing illegally.  

Elon Musk reacted to one of my videos; it was so shocking. Kari Lake and many others are sharing my videos, making sure people see them. Steve Bannon had me on the WarRoom many times. We reached a lot of people thanks to YOUR help. 

I will continue editing the videos, and then I plan on heading back to help a colleague who is working undercover, filming NGOs that are facilitating the massive crisis. 

Here's where you can find my border videos and professional DSLR photos:

On X, formerly Twitter: @liberty_clarion (Lots on here and I speak in live Spaces groups)

On YouTube @JeffRainforth (Lots on here)

On Rumble at JeffRainforth (I'll be uploading more soon)

On Facebook at realJeffRainforth (I'm very active here and my past live streams from Lukeville are there (plus Hong Kong, and my world border tour, etc))

My website is for in-depth articles with videos and photos.

My Substack is Rainforth Report for ad free video and articles 

I've been working non-stop, with barely a day off in 6 months, and now I'm editing the insane border videos from morning until night. 

I'm looking forward to getting back out there. Check out the gallery here on GiveSendGo; I'm constantly posting new stuff. 

Thank you again, and God bless you and America! 


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