Hello Yellowhead I am Jason Lavigne. I am running as an independent candidate for our next federal election, and I would like to introduce myself. I now live near Breton where my wife and I are building our new homestead and schooling our two young boys. I am worried that my boys will not grow up in the same Canada that I did, the times are changing and lately, not always for the better. Before moving back home to the prairies, I was a serial entrepreneur in the greater Toronto area, learning the law, building businesses, and developing award-winning technology. I would like to take these skills and do my part to help my neighbours, so I am starting the long road to Ottawa. Yellowhead, the last several years we all have been working hard together to get through the tough times. Our federal government has not been doing a great job of listening to us. I am fighting for our farmers, our truckers, the silent majority, the fed-up, and all my marginalized neighbours. I am calling for new protections and reclaiming of rights for all Canadians of all ages. We need independent provinces under a new unified agreement with Canada. And to further protect Canadians for generations to come we need Parliamentary, statute, and regulatory review, rollbacks, and reform. Come join me online at yellowhead.vote. Thank you Yellowhead!