America has forgotten what Independence Day is all about!!  

Unbeknownst to many, we have political prisoners in the United States and their constitutional rights are being severely violated!  We truly have a two-tiered justice system where American citizens are being persecuted based on their political beliefs.  

Some are still unjustly and cruelly incarcerated, on home arrest awaiting trial, pushed to take an unfair plea deal, subjected to a sham of a trial in the DC swamp.

The families and loved ones of these politically persecuted patriots are suffering after losing, in many cases their primary source of income.  Many of those who are not incarcerated, have nevertheless lost their jobs or businesses.  

YOU cannot let these wonderful American patriots be forgotten!!  

We are holding a festival/retreat in Missouri July 1-3, 2022 to raise awareness for the January 6th Political Prisoners as well as provide a retreat for January 6th Patriots and their loved ones.

Saturday July 2nd and Sunday July 3rd will be open to the public. 

Saturday will allow people to view several documentaries throughout the day, including:

- Capitol Punishment

- Righting History

- Tucker Carlson's Patriot Purge

- The Truth about January 6th

In the evening there will be a candlelight vigil for our political prisoners and fireworks to celebrate our country's independence.

Sunday will include a sunrise service and prayer time.

We are trying to raise money for the event to make it a huge success and truly a time of fellowship, love, and remembering what Independence Day is really all about.

We are still working out the details and will keep everyone up to date on speakers, entertainment, and any changes to our itinerary.

If you would like to keep up to date on some of our political prisoners in the DC Gulag, you can follow us on Twitter, Truth, and Gettr under the name Jan6_Detainees.