Christmas is quickly approaching. As I sit here in the DC Jail with my fellow January 6 detainees, we are not only saddened by our inhumane conditions and the violations of our Constitutional rights, but we are also saddened because we are unable to give back to our communities like so many of us do normally all year round.

Our community is now DC and the Christmas season is supposed to be a special time of year. Our brothers and sisters in General Population endure the same inhumane treatment and loss of their families as we Jan 6ers do. Except we Jan 6ers have a unique ability to fundraise.

Just like last year when we raised $14k, we are running this fundraiser again this year to help give the children of our fellow Americans in General Population a better Christmas experience. We might not be able to buy them freedom, but at least we can help bring smiles to their kids faces for the Holidays. We will be donating the funds raised on this GiveSendGo page to Angel Tree, which is a charity that already operates in the DC Jail to assist inmates with their children back home.

Please help us make the Christmas season a little better for good DC families stuck in this rotten system of incarceration. God bless you. God bless America. And may God especially bless the good citizens of Washington DC stuck in their terrible jail.

Strenth and Honor,

Jan 6ers