It’s been nearly two years since Jason Vanderwier joined the Freedom Convoy against the government’s grotesque Covid mandates. Jay and his “Shed” parked in Ottawa, at the epicentre of the greatest protest in Canadian history - directly in front of parliament. 

The Shed itself became one of the most widely recognized symbols of the Freedom Convoy. It flanked the platform stage where impassioned speakers shared their hearts for this nation, where jubilant Canadians gathered to dance, sing, link arms and pray. It was the backdrop for thousands of selfies. It was featured in news media around the world. The Shed even took on a second story addition to host a 24/7 live video feed - for all the world to see what was truly going on in Ottawa (despite the heinous lies Trudeau was determined to spew.)

The Shed was also a gathering hub for the truckers on Wellington Street. Jay was the passion and “glue” that kept this incredible bunch of Canadians united in purpose. He organized morning and evening trucker meetings each day; he helped delegate jobs to ensure security, fuel provision, and even showers for the truckers on Wellington. He encouraged truckers to hold the line. He demonstrated a deep shepherding care for those around him. 

Jay also shared his infectious hope with Canadians, and much of the world through daily Facebook live videos. He provided a raw, heartfelt and personal window into the heart behind the convoy. 

The Shed itself became an iconic symbol of the Convoy, but as its owner, Jason Vanderwier connected the heart of the convoy with hearts around the world. 

Thousands upon thousands of Canadians have seen the Facebook live video of his arrest. His video showed the harrowing riot squads, pushing back peaceful Canadians. His video showed Ben (owner of the boom truck which acted as the stage, and hoisted the Canadian Flag each day) being beaten by police. Jay was calm and composed as police approached his truck with a drawn pistol. With complete class, Jay can be seen exiting his truck before he is forcefully manhandled by the arresting officers. His phone fell to the ground, and his live feed was cut out. 

Jay’s truck and shed were impounded, and he was criminally charged for his involvement in the protest. 

While almost two years have passed, and most people have moved on from the horror and excitement of February, 2022 - the repercussions for some truckers are far from over. 

Jay is due to return to Ottawa, facing trial for 3 convoy related charges, beginning February 5th. Jay had been hopeful that these absurd charges would be dropped beforehand, but alas, the prosecution will make him stand trial. The impending trial carries a tremendous cost burden for Jay and his family: enormous legal fees, accommodations, time off work etc. It’s not right that he should bear these costs on his own. 

I’m asking Canadians to take a moment to remember what it was like in January and February, 2022. Canadians united from sea to sea in a way this country had never seen before. Normally mild-mannered and complicit truck drivers rose up to draw a line in the sand - for themselves, and for every voiceless Canadian whose civil liberties were repeatedly trampled by government overreach. The impact of the convoy could never fully be known, but what we do know is that it was instrumental in rocking Canadian parliament; we saw a swift change in Conservative leadership, and between the parties, even bold Liberals expressed concern for the use of the Emergency Act. Trudeau hid like a coward, refusing to even meet with Convoy representatives; instead, he resorted to draconian measures which resulted in the brutalization of hundreds of Canadians who were simply exercising their constitutionally protected right to assemble, protest, and speak freely. The Convoy forced Trudeau the Tyrant and his lackeys to show the full extent of their hatred of freedom - slandering (racist, misogynistic, possibly even rapist truckers) freezing bank accounts, trampling, beating, pepper spraying Canadians. The Convoy forced this to be displayed on the world stage for all to see. And in turn - it inspired everyday people in nations around the world to rise up against their own abusive governments. 

The Freedom Convoy accomplished a lot, but it was only possible because everyday Canadians like Jay wrote a blank check as far as the potential “cost” of involvement. 

Regardless of the verdict for Jay’s charges, the process itself is punishment enough. 

Jason Vanderwier did not count these costs before deciding if he would do the right thing and stand in the gap on behalf of Canadians’ freedoms…he determined that come what may, he would stay. And he did. He stood on behalf of Canadians. 

Now it’s time for us to stand with him. 

If the Convoy impacted you in a positive way, please take the time to make a donation of any amount. Please take a moment to leave a note of encouragement, and pray for the Vanderwier family. 

In the event that funds collected exceed the legal fees and associated costs, the balance of donations will be directed towards other truckers who are awaiting trial.