My name is Jared Miller. I am a disabled U.S Army veteran and father of two amazing daughters. I am one of three on the AME Higher for Education team along with Kimberly Alameda and Jennifer Economy! 

I am running as a grassroots conservative candidate because I, like so many others, am tired of party politics, good old boys’ clubs, elitism, extreme ideologies, indoctrination of our children, politics in schools, teacher activism, and parent's decisions for their children being disrespected or ignored.

It’s time for regular parents and everyday citizens to get in those seats. People like me, Kimberly and Jennifer have been active in the schools for years advocating for our own children. Since August of 2021 we have also been advocating for ALL children, parent's rights to make decisions for their children, and the rights of teachers who have been pressured or threatened into silence about matters inside the school.

In the military if something goes wrong at the bottom, leadership is always the first to be held responsible. A lack of leadership to maintain proper working conditions, adherence to policies, and discipline among the troops can render an entire unit or more completely ineffective. A school division is not that different from a military division.

A good district begins with proven leaders and good policies. Good policies can only be crafter when the people are listened to, and common sense is applied. I was selected for Special Forces training in the U.S Army and attended the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (JFKSWCS) and subsequently attended their MSG David K. Thuma Non-Commissioned Officer Academy. Excellent leadership skills are required to even be selected for this course. Upon receiving the rank of E-5 (Sergeant) I always exemplified the leadership style I admired. Lead from the front and be the example for those who follow. When I gave an order or task I didn't just walk off, I jumped in right alongside my soldiers to get the job done and inspire them. I always want the best for those around me.

Now that I am in the civilian world it is no different. I want the best for the students, the parents, and all employees of this great city of ours! It is one of my many goals to have one of Chesapeake schools be in the top 10 in the country list!

My other main goal is to ensure that all schools are supported and not just a few of the best. We cannot address problems in our schools if we fail to admit there is a problem in the first place. We must confront where we have failed in order to change and succeed. I plan to find where Chesapeake Public Schools has failed the students, the teachers, and the community and correct it so that Chesapeake schools are a place where all students can excel, all staff can work in a great working environment, and all parents are welcomed with open arms!

Some of my policies that will address the issues our schools face today are as follows:

-No mandates. This falls in line with Governor Youngkin's EO #2 unmasking children and brings policy in line with new state laws.

-Unmask Staff and visitors. If the kids can be unmasked and the community is open, the teachers, staff and visitors should be able to choose for themselves as well.

-Ban politics in the schools. Ban all political activism and symbolism inside the schools. Teacher politics end at the school property line. Education, not Indoctrination.

-Address the extreme decline in mental health by working with the Youngkin Administration to provide additional mental health resources for students and staff. 

-Bring parents back into the school with multiple new volunteer programs and observation times. We must rebuild the trust between parents and schools.

-Consolidate buildings and staff as well as provide additional pay and GOOD bonuses to incentivize filling positions that are currently vacant. Teachers and staff deserve a livable wage and bonuses that reflect the additional work they have had to take on.