I was in a house fire on 18-December-2020 (a week to the day before Christmas). I was unable to save my spouse, my service dog, or her little sister.  

I live in a HUD Section 8 apartment in Mansfield, Ohio (halfway between Cleveland to the North and Columbus to the south).  With the movers cleaning out my apartment, I will probably have to grab a meal as I leave Mansfield for Chana my new service dog and myself.

A friend of mine who works for the State of Georgia bought a new home, and has a second bedroom, and he has made the back door of the house wheelchair accessible, as well as the bathroom and installed a 36” door to the accessible bedroom.

The amount is to pay movers for my apartment, gasoline for the trip that I estimate to be 3 tanks of gasoline, a motel after the first 300 miles (one tank of gasoline, and 6 hours of driving, given I will drive through Columbus, Cincinnati, Lexington Kentucky, and finally to London Kentucky I estimate the traffic will be 50 mph). I will top off the tank here in Mansfield, top off in London, and top off once I exit the North Georgia Mountains, and since I will have never been to my friends new house I hope to have half a tank when I get to his town if I get lost.

In London I will stay in a hotel for the night after 6 hours of driving, and get a meal after I check in that is “walking distance” that I can reach by my wheelchair.  After I wake up I will drive the rest of the way until I get to Scott’s home.