Lewis Cantwell a non violent protestor at the J6 protest was locked up for 5 months. He lost his Kava bar business he spent years making to help veterans and others come off of drugs and alcohol with natural tea remedies called Sip Sum. He lost his house, his land, his full-time job, and his good name in the community to be ever remembered as a domestic terrorist despite his service in the US Army his service to the community as a volunteer firefighter and a life of following the law. He was forced into a plea deal by the DoJ facing 28 yrs of charges for non-violent protesting. Exculpatory evidence was not allowed in his case or he would have to go to trial with a 98% conviction rate and a heavily left DC juror pool he was sure to get a minimum of 5 years in federal prison! Despite being cleared by the local FBI office DC followed up and demanded he be arrested! This has put undo hardship on his family a wonderful fiance a 15 yr old daughter and himself. He has had to cash in his 401k losing half to manage his bills during his 2 year case and now his incarceration in the Ashland KY Federal prison. Being a felon now and having 3 yrs of federal probation will make it very hard to make ends meet. With nothing to fall back on when he is out we ask for any support for him you can manage. God bless you and God Bless the USA. 

In the main picture not allowed in court Easton can be seen with his back to the capital police waving his hands up and down to try and calm the crowd at this point himself and others were trying to wave to people to calm down. In the full video a man with a blow horn asks for everyone to not be violent and to have a sit in and several others can be seen waving there hands up and down in a sit and calm gesture. The claim from the DoJ is that when he called to get the door it was to open it for protestors to go inside. But in reality it was because he was attempting to help extricate a woman trapped behind it being crushed by police. He also called for fresh patriots to the front this was skewed by DoJ in his plea to mean more people to come forward and fight with police but the part left out was he was helping hurt people out from the front in the west lower tunnel entrance and was calling for others to help him remove the injured which he spent almost an hour doing. The video used as evidence was cherry picked by the DoJ to create a narrative. His plea deal would be removed and forced to court if he wanted to tell them or show the judge anything to the contrary. There is also video where him and another peaceful protestor take a mace cannister away from a  provocateur who is spraying at the police line also not allowed to be shown. Lastly the judge did allow video to be submitted that showed where him and others helped to pull an officer away from the few violent protestors and bring him back to the police line, the judge admitted that this had happened in court but gave no leniency in sentencing for his actions. Lastly he had to say that his actions were to obstruct officers and Congress that day instead of what the truth was, he was actively protesting and helping those that were in need of assistance that day if he said this the plea deal would also be removed. His testimony to the 117th Congress Jan 6th committee which is on record plus full length in context video confirms his actions were nonviolent and overall was there exercising his 1st amendment rights and helping people on both sides of the conflict at the lower west tunnel entrance.