Update: As of June 11,2021 Billy is still being held in the DC Gulag. Still no trial date, status hearings have been delayed for months. We are praying this ends soon. Since Billy has been incarcerated as a policial prisoner, he has missed his kids birthdays, graduations, and countless other celebrations. 485 days without our dad. Thank you to all who have donated and sent prayers. Please, keep the prayers coming. God Bless You! 

On Feburary 11th Billy was taken from his house by the FBI following the January 6th rally, and has been held without bail with horrible treatment and in very dangerous conditions. He is an Army veteran that served as a combat medic for 4 years and comes from a family of veterans. Billy is the definition of a patriot. He had a 15 year long career as a Union sheet metal worker, he was laid off due to covid and then doxed by members of Antifa, resulting in being blacklisted from the Union. 
Since Billy has been incarcerated he has lost his house, his career, and his family is now separated by 2 states. His family is his biggest priority in his life. He is an amazing father and his family misses him so much and needs him home. He literally has nothing left. He has lost a lot of weight due to not getting enough food, commissary costs, and the awful condition of food in the prison. Your donations would help with legal fees, commissary money, phone card expenses, and help with bills that his family is having a hard time with. The condition these patriots are enduring is in humane and they need your help. 
Please keep him and his family in your prayers. God bless you.