Hello, my name is Audrey Ann Southard, I’m a January 6th Patriot Singer and Defendant.

I would like to thank you so much for your support and donating to my defense fund, for the Jan 6th Capital Hill (FBI Entrapment Case) I appreciate it greatly!  I’m asking for your help, in a very serious situation, that I have NEVER been in before, as a law abiding citizen.  I have 11 bogus charges now, due to refusing to plea deal.  I'm willing to go all the way, to defeat Pelosi's Treasonous Cowardly Shit-show, regardless of the outcome, but I will really really need financial help and many Prayers!!!  I have a limited space for you to meet me and I'm  like an onion...a sweet onion, so I hope the following will inspire you, to help.   FIRST:           DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR STANDING UP FOR MY COUNTRY, IT IS MY DUTY AND HONOR, as a citizen of America, The Greatest Country in the World!! True Patriot's, like myself, went to DC on January 6th, because President Trump asked US too, and after all he had done for this country, we were happy to oblige.  I went to be with good people who love America and want her to continue Being Great Again, Again!! Patriot's didn't go to start a fight! 

I was tasked with Ezekiel33:3 "Watcher in the Tower" and have been dutifully in action, (even to the determent of personal and family relationships, I know many of you relate).  I have been redressing grievances loudly, but peacefully, many times alone, in support or protest of people and causes.  My latest solo stand was Feb 3-5, 2022 in support of  #TRUCKERS4FREEDOM 2007 My Patriotic duties began when Dictators, Chavez and Ahmadinejad, came to the UN and bashed Pres. Bush.  Their speeches incensed me; I proceeded to make a sign, and stood solo, on CR 50, in front of the 7-11, in Winter Garden, protesting them. 2008/09 I took my 8yr old son to Clearwater, Fl. for the first of many protests against Obama’s Policy's and commie’s.  He asked me what we were doing?  I asked him “If you work really hard to make money for your family and someone comes along and just takes it away to give to someone else” I didn’t even finish and he looked at me and said, “THAT’S NOT FAIR!” I said, “that is why we are standing up!” He's a 10th Generation American on my side; his Father’s side, a Direct Descendant, of leaders of the Creek Indian Tribe.  A True American, with a deep, and free passion, who knows his rights and duties.  2010 I was the President of the Hernando County Tea Party for 2 years,.  After every Libertarian and Rhino in the County came at me,  I caved and mistakenly gave the reins to a Republican Plant who destroyed the group. I did manage to have a few street rallies and meetings for Candidate Vetting, and a task force for Voter Roll Investigation...FYI 2022, Defend Florida Community Canvassing, please help, they are doing great things!!   I was a cohost to a 2nd Amendment Rally,  (I learned not to give “Freedom Speeches” after singing the National Anthem...being pumped up on adrenaline, I got a bit passionate lol) Another event I hosted, was the Glen Beck Restore America Rally.  Do you remember the episode when he showed the” Arab Spring”? and said that "that same mess would be in our streets too” and we all laughed and said, “nah that could never happen here."  BTW Fuck Antifa!!     I remember the night Obastard won his second term, I ugly cried like a Liberal!  I knew he was going to destroy this country: he was a nightmare and only by the Grace of God did we all make it through those dark days.   Those 8 years my family spent surviving the bleak economy; life threatening health issues and other personal dramas...much like everyone else, so I won't bore you with my sob story. I started TRUMP2016 Hernando  on fb but all my pages were disabled TWICE!  I protected the courthouse from a flag burning.        I was gonna get supercalifragalistic extra-bragalicious, about my singing, but the press did such a "good job"  I'm world-wide just google me; Bad press is better than no press!    2013 after my Carnegie Hall Debut, I started my Childhood Dream Job as a Voice Teacher in Tampa Area Music Schools. I experienced the Pure Joy of helping students release their unique voices, and learn life long music talents, I LOVE TEACHING!  My soul shattered when I lost my teaching position and cover band of 4yrs, in June 2021 after my arrest...all thanks to the Kancel Kulture Karens!  but I Will Never Quit My Purpose Psalms33:3  please contact me for lessons at telegram Voxx Mechanix  #voxxmechanix  voxxmechanix@gmail.com   I’m a very passionate for God, Family, Country, and Music, my life journey is blessed and protected by The Armor of God.  I follow and serve GOD and I will continue JOB33:3 in Jesus Name, Amen! Thank you for your help and God Bless ALL!  

J6 Patriot Singer, Audrey Ann Southard