My family is facing a legal battle that requires more than we have. We're in the fight of our lives and we need as much support as possible to cover the legal fees including travelling to Washington DC.

My husband lost his career in mortgage just a few days after the news broke. He was asked to resign from the School Board due to threats. Then he'll potentially have to step down from his position as the President of a non-profit youth center where he has volunteered thousands of hours working directly with teens. We've donated tens of thousands of dollars to make it successful over the past 7 years which saved the center through COVID. The youth center has now lost their largest donor and will be facing challenging times. My husband and I were forced to liquidate our assets including our retirement accounts in order to survive without his income and also pay for the retainer of both of them. 

My Son had just recently gotten engaged which has now been put on hold. People who know my son know he's a very respectful and responsible young man. As a former scout, football defensive player of the year, and WIAA State Champion he has always done his best at everything in life. He has his whole life ahead of him still. At the time of this event, he was only 18.   

The truth about January 6th may never be fully known, but the impact of Rick and Caden's decision to attend that day are now being fully felt. As the news stories broke and my phone started blowing up our life has completely changed. Our homes were raided, our belongings and privacy were violated, and we were attacked online by countless people on various social media profiles and pages.

Both my Husband Rick and my son Caden willfully turned themselves in upon being asked because they had nothing to hide. The garage code was given to authorities for our home, and it was known that nobody was home. But to the shock of our neighborhood several armed, military type men with a military type of vehicle ascended on our home. Caden's roommate was home and was scared and had no idea what was happening. As you could imagine it wasn't a pretty scene and we think it scared all our neighbors too because they shut down the streets for several hours.

Even through losing so much, we still have a long way to go. Please help us in this Battle!

Thanks and God Bless, 

Jennifer Slaughter