Hello My Name is Valerie, this is my first time using this fund page, for this not for me but for my boyfriend of 9 1/2 years. Unfortunately he was arrested on May 24th 2022 for the Capital breach / riot and is still in jail/custody as of today. He was arrested in Denver where he works away from our home he remained there until March 31,2023. Now he is in DC at a CTF waiting for sentencing which is on July 20,2023. His name is Rodney Milstreed and he is not the man that our government has made him out to be, but a hard working man, mines his own business and most of has been there for me.Like most of the people there that day did make some bad decisions but unfortunately we’re in courage by the crowd and social media. Please consider in giving to this for Rodney has always been a true patriot so help a fellow American in getting some help because I know for a fact if the role was reversed He would most definitely help that person.THIS IS FOR LEGAL FEES

Thank you to anyone who read this or donates