Thanks to the hard work done by brave journalists thus far, it is clear that the true story of January 6th has not yet been told. 

Please help us raise funds to investigate the deadly January 6th Capitol Protest.

These donations will be used exclusively for investigative work. Currently, we need funds for analysts + AI video analysis software to review the cumulative J6 footage. Additionally we will use donations to fund investigators work including FOIA requests, subpoenas and further needs in our investigation to uncover the facts surrounding the protest at the Capitol on January 6th 2021. 

When the judicial watch FOIA request of the “more than 14,000 hours” of footage is granted, we will be ready to combine it with our work and illustrate an even clearer picture of what happened on January 6th. 

These funds will not be used for defendant legal fees, or retainers. It is our belief that investigative funds can have a much greater impact than legal funds have done thus far, especially for J6 defendants denied exonerating video evidence of their own. 

Our partner Gary McBride at M5 News has recently provided exculpatory evidence to defendants McAbee and Fitzsimmons that proved they were innocent of their most serious charges. Investigate J6 is a coalition of forensic video investigators, attorneys, journalists and intelligence analysts. Your funds will help the investigations of many dedicated patriots and bring much needed truth to light. 

Thank you for your help exposing the truth of J6 and supporting those who need our help.


Please watch AJ Fischer’s speech at the J6 Solidarity Rally in DC on September 24 2022 and other clips on Rumble


God Bless America. 🇺🇸

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