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Photography is as much a part of me as breathing.

I have been shooting since I was 19, which was way back in 1986.

The art I make is a tangible expression of my faith…and a way to say to people ‘LOOK’ at what the creator has created.


I’m Rob E. Holt, I am an inspirational artist whose favorite medium over the last 35 years has been photography. I am releasing my 2nd devotional art book “Views of Calvary”: ‘A photographer’s perspective of the cross through the lens of scripture’. I am using the book release to launch a ministry media service utilizing the best images from my collection of over 1 million images acquired over three decades. 


I have spent my career fulfilling B2B imagery needs. Most of my assignments include Corporate, Entertainment, Event, Travel and ProSports (NFL, MLB, NBA and more).


My inspirational work was born in contrast with and from the ashes of tragedy and grief. A few years before I found the cross in my cross collection, I lost my wife, Verna to cancer. She was the only that saw enough of my early art to believe in my imagery’s potential to inspire people toward the kingdom of heaven. After she passed, I would often search for western facing hillsides for a sunset to soak in and shoot. This journey (or routine) spanned my first 2 years of widowhood. Eventually I stumbled upon this white wooden cross…and I was hooked. It was as if God was speaking to me and saying “The cross is the answer to your quest” (figuratively and literally). And so it was, I had found my secret place, my quiet place, and my isolated place to contemplate and commune with God. And I kept going back, finding myself (again) at the foot of the cross. Sometimes just to shoot, sometimes just to mediate, and many nights a little of both. My first book “What the Cross Mean to Me” ) by Harvest House Publishers). It contained 30 cross images from a wide array of famous Christian leaders who submitted original essays about what the cross means to them. The first book was sold just under 50,000 copies and became the impetus for my other ministry mediums. 


All these years later, people ask me what it is I like most about the medium of photography. My answer is that imagery provides me the ability to transmit a feeling. On that ridge, shooting that cross, I found that by focusing on the cross of Christ, I allowed Jesus to focus on me. My intention is to transmit some of those perceptions, epiphanies, and emotions through the images and devotionals in the book. It is not about how the image of the cross looks …It is what I felt while capturing and contemplating the message of the cross that matters. Feelings that are amplified in my images. The renewed hope I found during my time at that cross is needed now in the world more than ever. In a world of constant chaos, the message in my art is that it is the protection, purpose, and peace of the cross that never changes. 



Building on the success of my 1st book, I started a blog, which lead to my weekly devotional program on my local radio station, which lead to my cross based podcast.


Now it is time to transition away from corporate assignments to focus on using all my talents & media to inspire a deeper faith in Jesus Christ. My prayer and mission is to share the gospel through my imagery, the written word and the spoken word.


And I need your help to initiate the necessary momentum towards a sustainable and growing media services company. I have created an LLC and have products but without marketing and distribution an individual artist like me would be unlikely to adequately grow a company organically. 


The 60 diverse images of the cross in my first 2 books are just a slice of the hundred unique images of that cross captured over a two-year period. In addition to all the product options from this cross, I have many other collections.  Images of other religious content specifically and holiday in general. Artistic captures of Angels, Mary, Nativities, Easter, Stained Glass, Church interiors, statues and more. I also have images of other holidays, like Halloween, St. Patrick’s, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day and Thanksgiving. 


Other collections contain thousands of animal, nature, animals and sunsets images that have inspirational product application. There are too many collection categories to list out in this campaign. But a quick list would be regional birds, shore birds, shorescapes, shore plants, flowers, trees, forest paths, water and mudflat ‘scapes’. And of course, my favorite subject to shoot, something I call Skyscapes. Which is typically a vertical shot with 90% of the upper image being the sky and the lower foreground making up the bottom 10%.  


The important aspect is that I can license them (some royalty free and some to be rights-managed) as stock. And there is a myriad of products to be made from my collection of collections. A small slice of which can be made are Wall decor (Mat & Framed Images as well as prints on metal, wood, tile and other substrates). Not to mention books (many more books), Calendars, Greeting Cards, Prayer Cards, Memorial Cards, Inspirational Posters, Banners, Puzzles, apparel, and a wide array of covers (phone, iPads, journal/dairies) and more. 

I addition, I have a strategy to monetize some of our content via inspirational videos and devotionals via YouTube and other platforms.


 The core images were created over decades. The overwhelming percentage (like 95%) are simply sitting in storage devices waiting to see the light of day. Both prepping and posting images for licensing as well as product design and launch take time. 

More time than just a part time effort compared to the time needed I currently need to fulfill corporate assignments. 


I’ve been trying to work on inspirational licensing, product generation, my current podcast sequence and the next book while serving B2B clients. It is spreading me too thin, and I am in a chronic state of exhaustion. More then that, God is calling me to leave my corporate work and join the other ministers in the field…as the harvest is ripe. 

The world is in desperate for the type of meaning, hope and faith and my inspirational art provides.


I need your help to generate a set of residual income streams to not only launch new products offerings full-time, but to also to begin pulling a team together. 


That is why I am so excited to being so close to sharing the ‘best-of’ across my collections as offerings in a this inspiration media company. I am inviting you to help make this happen. Your Contributions will help raise the funds to sift through the mountain of images in the archives and generate a wide spectrum of products.Help me take off the bushel off these images so they can be utilized to inspire people towards faith in God. 


I pray this media for-profit ministry project inspires you to give and that you’ll share it with others.

And for those of you able and led of God to do so…we are open to an investor.

In Christ,