"But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD"

~ Jeremiah 30:17

Cas would like to heal from a bone spur on her cervical vertebra in her neck which is compressing her nerve and causing pain in her arms. She is unable to lift her arms up so this has affected her ability to work in her cleaning business and also sleep.. 

She feels positive that natural treatment can reverse the bone spur and supplements have been purchased. However, she also needs to change her diet and pay for weekly Chiropractic treatments. With your prayers, love and support she believes she will heal faster..   

If you can donate even a small amount this would be so much appreciated OR sending prayers would be very kind and thoughtful and certainly this positive energy will help greatly.

We all believe she can heal.

She did have an MRI and cortisone injection. After doing research online, there are natural products developed by doctors that dissolve bone spurs. She would like to try the holistic route first however this can be expensive but certainly worth it to avoid surgery

If you can send a kind message to her make or a small donation that would be greatly appreciated and will brighten her day and give her hope to heal. Thank you so much!