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Indigenous Healing app to Circle the Walk of Peace

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Indigenous Healing app to Circle the Walk of Peace

At a Crossroads in Human History - the future of our planet hangs in the balance. Unless humanity comes together as one heart, we risk being forever out of harmony with the natural laws that sustain all life.  But what if we could harness the power of unity in resonance with Creator's power of LOVE, to heal our troubled world? This is the vision behind the upcoming Big Global Healing Event, taking place on the Summer Solstice of 2025.

Inspired by the yearly World Peace and Prayer Day established in 1996, and a lifetime of songs that came in dreams from this now great-grandmother who has manifested this app creation technology for this gathering grassroots movement, will gather people from all nations, all faiths, and backgrounds joining hands in circle around the sacred Lakota site Mato-Tipila , Grey Horn Butte, currently renamed Devils Tower National Monument (you may take a tour with the Park Service, and learn more about this erroneously named Sacred site in video HERE of an interview with Bunny Sings Wolf, the manifestor of this campaign)

United in one global prayer - to re-establish our human family's right relationship with Mother Earth - we will create a living work of art that radiates the energy of healing, peace, love, and restoration to every corner of our planet.

This is no small undertaking. It will take the commitment, resources, and collective creativity of people like you to make this dream a reality.

Will you join us in funding and manifesting the Big Global Healing Event - a transformative moment that has the power to change the course of human history?

A Wondrous Gathering in the Sacred Black Hills


We come together as artists of life, united in a dream - a vision to resonate healing vibrations across Mother Earth through the powerful language of art. Help us HOST our 4200 honored indigenous elders and guests (already seasoned peace-practicers from many faiths, nations, coaching tribes, healing modalities, and awakening practitioners) who will be the human hands and hearts traveling from all indigenous nations from around the globe, to CIRCLE THE WALK OF PEACE PATH on one day to resonate global ONE-NESS, as ONE HUMAN FAMILY CIRCLE, diversified in sovereignty, showing up as our individual and authentic peace in the world, enjoined to walk in the uniting circle to embody the truth of the understanding, that we are ALL indigenous to Mother Earth and totally capable of choosing to manifest the global compassion and love resonance needed to heal a heart, nations, the world!

The journey begins from the 12" space between our minds and our hearts.  Will you support these coaxings within the Indigenous Healing app to gather and GROW together ahead of the IMPACTFUL, respectful, peace full event to live-stream and help awaken humanity?

We are actively inviting and gathering people from all nations and tribes to gather now within the free indigenous healing app to prepare for this long dreamed live-streamed event next summer where we will gather in person to park our modern vehicles within a traditional spiritual peace-full community village from where we will be bussed in a respectful and orderly fashion to enter the small winding entrance to this popular park in a timely manner to unload participants to circle the tower (the location of the docudrama "Close Encounters of the Third Kind") and spearhead a restart in a GOOD and sovereign way as envisioned by the The World Peace and Prayer Day events begun by Lakota sacred pipe keeper Arvol Looking Horse, who since 1996 until the covid pandemic, traveled the world over, to sacred sites, churches, synagogues, indigenous shrines around the globe to encourage and GROW the awakening each needs embrace now, to all-inclusive love in ONE-NESS through our diversity, and global adversity, to now compassionately join to pray as ONE human heart, ONE human family, ALL indigenous to Mother Earth, to PRESERVE life, and manifest peace from hearts of respect for one another to nurture our loving global home for future generations.

For this BIG WAKE UP CALL, a grass roots movement EVENT, humans are now learning the science that proves we EACH have POWER IN OUR OWN HANDS (with help from our mobile devices joining us to GROW in love as one human family) to learn practical ways to become the CAREtakers of one another (no long just the takers) and heal ourselves as we GROW to heal humanity beyond the present "one-ness" of fear, to learn the wisdom ways of ONE-NESS in LOVE, in the free IndigenousHealing app, on Google or Apple stores now!

The Indigenous Healing app, a free gift from the heart and dreams of Bunny Sings Wolf, serves as a digital sanctuary to PREPARE NOW for this momentous gathering. But Bunny needs your financial support to help fund and organize this history-changing event.

By keeping expenses minimal (or free) for in-person participants, we can ensure that wisdom keepers from diverse nations can attend. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will be invited to join online, sharing in the resonance of this living art as the Circle the Walk of Peace Path is filmed and live-streamed from multiple vantage points around the remaining stump of the sacred tree of life which remains at "Devils Tower" with every potential to blossom again in the healing hearts of humanity gathering in reverence as one family showing up in the circle walk of prayer and brotherly love.

Any surplus funds received will be dedicated to assisting needy indigenous elders with their transportation, and support the timeless commitments outlined in this unifying, world-awakening work of peace and brotherly love for people of all walks of life.

Thank you sincerely for your kind donation towards this dream, a TRULY a global rescue mission for life - a cause to make the needed IMPACT to BIRTH A NEW HISTORIC ERA OF PEACE ON EARTH, once and for all, in a new world awakening as each must prepare our hearts now within to the Indigenous app to our proper perspective and the wisdom of PEACE finally put into practice for ourselves, and to preserve life for all our relatives and future generations.

With a heart overflowing with revolutionary dreams, this work has been done tirelessly as a humble conduit to midwife this unprecedented global healing gathering into form. However, Bunny Sings Wolf cannot manifest this ancestral vision alone. Its success requires the unified resonance and generosity of benefactors who feel called to "the give-away" ways.

To you reading this who resonate with the intention behind Circling the Walk of Peace Path event - I extend a ceremonial invitation to become a sacred patron and partner in rebirthing humanity's pathway to planetary balance. Your donation will help manifest the logistics and infrastructure necessary to host this historic event honoring all prophecies passed down over centuries for this crossroad, this time as we re-discover and align as indigenous relatives, in oneness with the natural eternal laws put in place by love and good relationship with our living planet.

Specifically, funds are needed to:

Secure land near the monument to create a beautiful, hand-painted traditional tipi village to house attendees comfortably

Provide transportation, insurance, permitting, security and environmental protection

Enable professional filming, photography and global livestreaming capacities

Implement educational programming and ceremonial experiences

Ensure respectful set-up and storage of our community's tipi lodgings

And cover supplemental costs for indigenous elders to attend

My life's work has been a "giveaway" laboring to make this vision accessible through the free Indigenous Healing app. However, properly hosting the physical gathering requires much greater resources.

I humbly ask you to consider how your monetary contribution can directly manifest this unifying prayerful intention into reality. No amount is too small, as it is through our collective resonance that canyons are traversed and mountains moved.

Please lend your strength as a benefactor enabling our global indigenous family of all peoples, to finally take their rightful place in practicing the ways of peace. For it is not until the spiritually coherent field is established that true healing can take root and blossom unto future generations.

I am but one set of hands and a voice amplifying the call.

The remainder is up to you -

will you honor this ceremonial summons by becoming a patron of the dreamed ways that can make our shared vision a living, breathing reality upon this Earth?

Your donations are the seed we are striving to secure, the funding needed to ensure it's success to effectively join and awaken conscious healing humanity to decide to unite, to finally choose to resonate the love energy, commitment and decision to explore together the many ways in diversity joined as one that we may finally answer the long prayed for prayer, of world peace required now 

to heal a heart, nations, the world!

Mitakuye Oyasin (we are one, we are all related!)

Bunny Sings Wolf Engberg

Dreamer, Ambassador, IndigenousHealing app creator, Singer-Songwriter, Great Grandmother, Stone Medicine Healer, Peaceable one

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"Upon suffering beyond suffering: the Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world. A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations. A world longing for light again. I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again. In that day, there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom. I salute the light within your eyes where the whole Universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be one." Crazy Horse

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