Support Hurricane Ian Families with Forever Free!

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Goal: USD $150,000
Raised: USD $ 8,335

Our Florida Community members have been through a major disaster.

Hurricane Ian ripped through the homes of thousands.

Families, elderly and single persons have lost everything. We're banning together to raise money for relief items for those affected. We have started an Amazon Hurricane Ian Wish List: You can order directly from the list below, or you can donate funds to GiveSaveGo and we will coordinate funds accordingly.

All monies raised will go towards the relief efforts of the individuals who survived Hurricane Ian. We are taking specific requests, such as sized clothing for children, as well as creating care packages with non-perishable foods, bathing items, and sleeping gear for the now homeless. 

Money will also go towards gas for vehicles and generators, tarps to prevent further damage to homes, and any other necessities for those going through this crisis. 


Update #2
November 4, 2022
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We're still here!! We've managed to get emergency kits into the hands of shelter residents who lost everything, school supplies to displaced families, tarps, water, and diapers to community members before they could restock for themselves, and even a mailbox after Hurricane Ian stole one from a disabled retiree!!

We Fight
October 5, 2022
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A community member holds up their flag, after finding it under his collapsed home. 


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