Five Year ($27M) Multimedia Project


Feature and documentary film(s) will provide viewing audiences with experiences of an easily accessible form of 'collective heartfelt conscious intelligence' plus free membership 24/7 online--in multiple languages--with worldwide accessibility.

We appreciate your donations no matter how small or large.
Your Contributions are Pivotal to the Initiation of This Global Effort.

 A near death experience at age four led to a lifetime of experiential and objective research. With a background in physics, neuroscience, philosophy, art and art history, healing, mysticism, (para)psychology, and filmmaking, Sperry explored two-way telepathic awareness internationally with thousands of people and hundreds of groups for over thirty years, founding HCI in 1988.

He initiated the
Human Connection Project (in 1990) with Dr. William Braud, Senior Research Associate at the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio, Texas, presenting this project at the United Nations in 1992; to provide life-changing, scientifically derived images of our interconnectedness via news reports, print media, talk show formats, feature documentaries, and dramatic films; so 'billions of us' awaken full-access to our combined intelligence and spiritual unity. [Sperry's BioInternational laboratories and gatherings continue
to explore 'our' innate capacity to share 'consciousness ever more consciously'

i.e., The Joy of Being Consciousness Together
Shared Consciousness and its Co-Creative Capacities