The Howe Parents’ Association, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, is working to raise the funds needed to reopen Howe Military Academy.  In response to a grassroots effort from many parents, we will be seeking pledges and donations that will enable us to reopen HMA after it closes at the conclusion of the 2019-2020 school year.  We are proud of our 135 year Christian heritage.  We are proud of being one of the first boarding schools to accept minorities and one of the few military schools to accept male and female cadets.  As we humbly seek the Lord's favor, we hope to announce in the next several weeks that funds have been secured to cover a substantial portion the current deferred maintenance costs.  The Howe Parents' Association is dedicated to supporting the Corps of Cadets via a new business entity that is committed to preserving the mission and vision of Howe Military Academy.

Howe Military Academy is a place where children grow to be leaders.  They value faith, others, and country above their own interests.   Military school graduates around the country are making this country better, (including our POTUS) .   This year, three of the few military boarding schools remaining has announced closure, which is a trend that benefits no one.  Howe Military Academy is among an elite few schools founded and rooted in the Christian faith and discipling servant-leaders within the JROTC framework, and it's worth keeping open. 

We ask you to please pray for revival of HMA cadets, faculty, & staff.  May we faithfully seek His will.

Fides et Honor