Hope for a hero

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Goal: USD $50,000
Raised: USD $ 6,125
Dear brothers and sisters. I'm organizing this fundraiser to support Chris Alberts. Chris went to the capitol on 1/6 to fight for this country and the oath he took to protect it. He did not enter the capitol, break anything, or hurt anyone. Simply protested and spoke out reflecting his first amendment right. He is a military vet, an uncle, a son, a brother, and the love of my life. Chris served in Iraq, with honorable distinction. Like most of our brothers and sisters that have served, he is a selfless man willing to help anyone regardless of color or creed. He was beaten so badly that day I pray I never have to see the same fear and pain in his eyes again. He has received threats, hate mail, been told he is a danger to society, wearing an ankle bracelet everyday, and being treated like the enemy in his own country. I know we are all tired and our faith has been tried like never before, but he needs our help. We have many people on these huge platforms talk a good game with complete disregard for our political prisoners either in jail or on house arrest. They have no problem deflecting just like the enemies we are up against. So we are asking our fellow Americans for all the help we can get. Monetary donations, prayer, networking, or even just encouraging messages to keep his head up through this mental and emotional battle.  He gave 20 thousand dollars to a lawyer, for him to break his retainer leaving Chris with a public defender. We know the evil that sits in D.C., he is prepared for a long road, but cannot fight this battle alone.  We can overcome this battle together, but we simply cannot turn our backs on these heros when they need us the most. Thank you and God bless, please do not lose hope.??


Update #2
July 8, 2022
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Good Evening Patriots, 

Chris had a status hearing on 6/24 and has now been dropped by yet another attorney. This attorney has stepped in when no one else has and we wish him the best. Due to a very dangerous near death accident that he was in days after being accepted pro hac vice on Chris’ case. He struggles to continue to get back to a healthy state after not being sure he would make it to see another day. 

   This is a long uphill battle as we all know. This isn’t a fight Chris will ever give up on he took an oath to protect this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. We know this is spiritual warfare. The day all our brave men and women gathered to show our grievances and request an investigation into the 2020 election will forever make an impact on our nations history. Innocent people were attacked and killed that day. We know the truth no matter how they misconstrue it and continue to manipulate and blatantly lie on the events of that day. Everyone must draw their own line in the sand, but he is an honorable man who believes he has been chosen for this battle before God. 

  Since 11am this morning there have been multiple choppers flying over our house. Coincidently just as he put on record he does not wish to have government representation as you and I all know they are all in one big club and we are not in it. He asked to have equal time to prepare his case as the government who has had a year and a half. So as crazy as it is to say this for the record Chris and I are not suicidal. There are two really cute cats here that need feeding if anything goes awry 🐱 🐈‍⬛We don’t have the support of family or big donations to count on. At this point Pro Se will be the only option if he can’t afford counsel. Which is the last option, as that is an even tougher battle. He still has not been shown all of his discovery and his case much like the rest should be dropped based on the absolute God given rights granted to us by the Constitution. Evil doesn’t play fair though, and all of our freedoms are on the brink of extinction. If America falls so does the last beacon of hope worldwide there will be nothing left to save if we don’t support the brave J6 patriots that stood for us that day. 

Update #1
January 17, 2022
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Hey everyone I just wanted to give everyone an update on the case. At this time we are waiting for Chris’ next court date on 1/25. We are pursuing a complaint with the original lawyer who took 20k from Chris and then dropped his case after receiving his superseding indictment.  The public defender that has been assigned to Chris has expressed zero interest in proving his innocence and has stated he is only here to lessen his sentence. Since he does not believe in the constitution nor have the capacity to represent him properly due to his workload. We are still actively trying to reach his goal to retain someone who will fight for his rights and protect him. He is forever grateful to the strangers who have given him hope. From prayers, phone calls, visitors from thousands of miles away,  just a shoulder to lean on, as well as the monetary donations. It is you who keeps him going. Your kind words and prayers he looks to, they remind him on the toughest days why he stood up for all of us that day. One year later and the fight is far from over. There is hope and we musn’t give up as more and more lies, deceit, and evil are exposed everyday. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts hold the line patriots, God wins! Please continue to share his story and fundraiser anywhere you can, spread awareness, and never stop praying.


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