My sister, Gina, a vibrant, giving, kind, and selfless woman was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer that metastasized to her lung and pleura. From the beginning, she was told there is no cure and felt as if she was handed a death sentence. She has been on conventional chemotherapy for almost 2 years, without much success. Throughout this horrific battle she has been relentless and unwavering in her faith that she can beat this dreadful disease. As a result of her indomitable spirit, she has recently decided to continue to fight this demon through a holistic approach in Mexico. Unfortunately, her health insurance does not cover this type of treatment and this is why we are asking for help in any way you can. At this specialized treatment center, she will receive a personalized program to help restore her health and hope for the future. Through God’s Grace and the kindness of good people, we pray Gina can discover her full healing potential at Hope 4 Cancer. Gina has always been the type of person to give her all to anyone in need - family, friend, or complete stranger. This god-awful disease has taken too many beloved and cherished members of our family so please help us to save our beautiful, sister/mother/aunt/friend.