Check it out! The future site The #HollowNet Studio!
My name is Matt Holloway and I hosted The #HollowNet, a weekly hour-long conservative commentary show on the MoJo5.0 Radio Network (on iHeart, speaker, Apple Podcast, Youtube [for now], Bitchute, Rumble and Facebook.) I also write for TheGOPTimes, GOPNewsFeed, and American Ground Radio and a few other sites for a living. As of now I work 12 hours+ per day writing and unfortunately had to suspend producing and hosting The #HollowNet out of my house. My wonderful and patient wife is a homemaker and full-time Mom and homeschools our four kids who are Pre-K thru Second Grade.

We have a plot of land adjoining our home and have plans to construct a 200 Sq. Ft. Studio & Recording space with an Office/writing area for me to work in and eventually another 200 Sq. Ft. Schoolhouse for my wife & kids to work out of. The buildings should be about $15k each all told, we're just looking for some fundraising help to get started.
My work already covers out living expenses quite well, but we need to move my work into a dedicated space to increase my productivity and earning potential so that we can build the school house, (and being able to afford proper health insurance would be nice too). Your help would be life changing for us, providing some much needed infrastructure for something akin to a work/life balance and hopefully helping me claw back some much needed family time from my demanding career.

If you have been considering supporting younger, Christian, Conservative creators, now would be a particularly good time, when we're under a ton of fire and sponsors are scarce. This is where your support can do the most for the future of The #HollowNet.

You can buy great merch, or support my work here on GiveSendGo. Thank you!

About Matt:
I'm a millennial, constitutional, conservative commentator and writer in the Phoenix, AZ market and I cover politics, faith, history, and news. I'm also a thirty-six-year-old, happily married father of three little boys and a little girl, born and raised in New Jersey, I moved to Arizona in 2006. I was appointed a Republican Committeeman for AZ Legislative District 13 in 2015 and have politically active ever since.
You can find all of my work at and some of my earlier work on TheBlaze, The Western Journal, IJR, and MoJo5.0 Radio.

When I'm not writing, broadcasting or spending time with my family, I enjoy Movies, PC Gaming, Science Fiction, Christian eschatology, Camping, Hiking & YouTube.