Seeing someone you love on a hardcore drug is the most excruciating saddening and emotionally draining thing you could go through. 

From the overwhelming fears that you could lose them at any given moment, to being as helpless as a person ever could be due to the fact that your not the one whose in control. 

I have learned through personal experience, the secrets that have major positive aspects to getting a successful recovery from the opioid user. 

I am now attempting to open a recovery home in the national forest of the beautiful Yosemite mountains.

I have every tool to help the user heal and recover from opioid-fentanyl-heroin abuse. 

You cannot heal in the enviorment that hurt you. - Buddha. 

There is a better way to live life awake. 

I am here to help the ones through their journey to recovery. I have been through it myself, so I understand the pain and fear and anxiety that comes with the idea of quitting these toxic drugs. 

I want to start a rehab where nature truly heals, helps and creates a harmonious recovery.