Hi my name is Antoinette I'm a mother of two beautiful kids my daughter is 11 and I have a son that's 9 . My whole life in human form I've had a rough start this year loosing my car loosing my house loosing my soon to be husband just everything. My son was hit by a car earlier this year and I fell behind a lot missing work and school and etc. In and out of shelters sleeping at hospitals sleeping at parks you name it. I reached out for help in so many places family so called friends but you realize who's there when you need them the most right ? I've done everything all just to fall backwards I've had people help me along the way and I owe them so much than what I can give. I lost my confidence I lost my spirit I lost my faith for some time now I look at myself and feel disgusted feel ashamed feel embarrassed. Now I'm to the point like hey your kids deserve a happy mother and even though alot of events wasnt my fault I still blame myself for the situation at hand sometimes well often. I wonder why sometimes but always end up telling myself it's going ro greater later my blessings are going to overflow after this storm with so much going on in the world im trying . I'm trying so hard to maintain. I am back working and actually looking for a day job while my kids are in school. I'm trying to save money for a car but rooms are killing me but i have no choice. I got a approved for a place but I'm unable to pay the security and first month rent within the time frame I really just wanted that more than anything for Christmas even if we don't get a tree this year just to be settle in our own place is enough my kids miss their space miss watching movies and stuff. I miss cooking for them and sitting at the table talking about school so much I took for granted that I didn't realize how much I will miss it when it's gone we were fine we were happy . Things just change the devil has been so busy in our life it's crazy but I pray I pray more than anyone can imagine I cry I shout I give God so much praise that I feel a breakthrough but sometimes I get discouraged sometimes I feel like giving up asking for help was one of the things I hated the most people are so quick to judge and bring you down like life just doesnt throw stuff at you. We dont have anyone to spend holidays with and it's okay i always feel like the family you came from is important but the family you created is more important. I wanted to drive up to Georgia for Thanksgiving this year we had so much planned and it just isn't going that way but it's fine. I'm healthy they are healthy and we are alive. I try so much I'm trying to get back in school no help with my kids i reached out to the schools they've been supportive with resources but so many people are homeless and are in need where we live they have no help . I wish I was in the position to help some myself but I'm not one day for sure . It's not easy and I've been through every battle you can think of abuse neglect homelessness you name it .I'm really shy so texting and things I seem to express more lol I'm just looking for help getting us in a place. We lost everything having to leave our home that my landlord sold and didn't give any notice clothes furniture pictures game systems important documents just everything. So hard to gain some things back because I don't get paid much but it definitely helps but once I get a car I know things will be different I'm asking for any kind of help . I appreciate any and everything. And I'm forever grateful May God bless you all #GivingTuesday2023