On September 7th, 2020, there was a fire that started on Potter Rd, Oregon City. A tree on the neighbor's property across the road blew over from the severe windstorm and it hit a transformer sparking a fire that took off quickly.


The fire department told us that this was a lost cause and abandon our homes! We just knew everything would be gone when we would be allowed back, it was pretty clear what was going to happen. As we were leaving, we could see huge, tall flames, the sky was ablaze, and the wind was blowing right towards our house. While we were able to get to a safe evacuation location, we learned by texts that our neighbor and nephew Jack was staying, and he with his Toro Dingo machine was clearing fire breaks. Jack, Rose, Terry, Damien, Geoff and Lael were hauling water from our pond in buckets throwing the water at the flames.


The fire department told them they needed to leave, but they did not. The fire department abandoned us, while Jack and the others worked through the night saving our home and the neighborhood!  How do you ever thank someone for saving your home and neighborhood? Jack didn't have to, he just did. They did not have a firetruck, or hoses, but Jack had his Torro Dingo which saved the day, they could not have done it without it!  Jacks dingo was burned too, critically damaged while fighting this fire.

Our insurance has been difficult to work with. And they won't pay to repair Jacks machine. Jack did something above and beyond, he went the extra mile, the extra mileSS, and what kind of a message is there here.


A Torro Dingo machine is expensive and very valuable, and Jacks is damaged, burned because he used it to help save our home, and many others' homes too.

We are humbled at his help, and what he did for us and the Reland Community, by saving our homes and possessions. 


We are grateful beyond measure. We're thankful he is our neighbor. If you haven't been through this, you won't understand. It changes how you look at things. Please give generously we in the Redland Community can never fully repay Jack, but we can help make him whole again!